I always cry at weddings...

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yesterday, Symon and I attended the wedding of our beautiful niece.

It's hard to find words to describe the day - the bride was stunning (and the groom was rather dashing as well), and the wedding was absolutely beautiful and so well planned.

Two young people making vows to each other, before God, with their family and friends watching - I always cry at weddings.

The reception was held at Mantells - a very stylish place, with food that was divine!

Congratulations to Alexandra and Hans!!!  You are an amazing and beautiful couple (not to mention that Han's makes the best coffee ever!).

Here are a few photos from the day...  

And after that amazing wedding, I tried to take a romantic photo of us both driving home together, but alas... I told you we aren't normal!

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  1. beautiful wedding venue! (I love that you're not 'normal' - it's what makes you interesting :-)

  2. I love that candle tower! And the fireplace, and they looked so lovely! And mostly I love that you took a photo in the bathroom... Hehe. And anyway, who gets to decide what normal is?!

  3. hehe - ok, you caught me out there taking a photo in the loo (I felt really sneaky)!

  4. What a GORGEOUS venue! I usually cry at weddings too!
    Looks like you're having a load of fun with that new toy of yours!

  5. What a beautiful venue...ummm I too had the thought about taking your camera into the toilet - but I love well designed bathrooms too so thanks for sharing

  6. Awww you are so funny! What a DIVINE place for a wedding reception!!

  7. wow what a pretty venue!

  8. this brought back memories of a wedding at Mantells we went to years and years ago....one of those amazing places hidden away - a magical place that makes you forget you're actually in the heart of Auckland!! Beautiful pics : )

  9. Sandra12:54 pm

    Thanks for sharing your day, it makes us feel like we were there.
    The bride and groom looked spectacular and we are so happy for them.
    Amazing venue...what's its name?
    Love your sense of normal.

  10. Hi Sandra - the reception was at Mantells, in Auckland (New Zealand).

  11. This has to be one of the most fantastic weddings! I LOVE the old romantic feel of these photos!


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