By PaisleyJade - Friday, August 20, 2010

Last night as I sat crocheting, I looked over at my husband on the other couch with the laptop - he was watching a youtube clip about Street Fighter moves (he is building a retro arcade machine... "for the boys").  

It was at that precise moment that I realised something... that we are not quite normal.

I don't really mind though... and at least I have this pretty beanie to show for my late night crocheting (available here).

I honestly think I need to go to a C.A.A. meeting or something (Crochet Addicts Anonymous).  Hopefully there's a "Stuck in the 80's"  support group for hubby too.

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  1. Nahhhhh....perfectly normal! (she says as her hubby and boys drive off to Oamaru just to visit a friend on his bday and then come straight back home....)

  2. I love your crocheted cute:-)

  3. hehe and its contagious!

  4. beautiful! i love this!
    you are so talented, miss paisley!

  5. that is soooo totally adorable.
    (and what's normal anyway??)

  6. You are totally normal.
    Love it!

  7. It's the new normal!

    Looks great, talented Kristy!

  8. Ohh if you are not normal...
    sure doesn't say much for us... ha ha

  9. so pretty!!!! gorgeous actually, and you guys are totally my kinda "normal".

  10. I agree with Widge. Here you ARE normal. Welcome to Normalhood. All the others are the oddities!!!

  11. I love the beanie!
    If there is an 80's support group let me know, so I can sign up Ors.

  12. Love that beanie! It's fun not being normal old boring people. We're there with you too. :)

  13. Anonymous10:43 pm

    normal someone or don't know very well!
    That beanie is soooooooooooooooooooo cute
    love love love

  14. It's gorgeous! Well done you very clever lady. And, yes, you are normal :) you and your husband are simply enjoying your own hobbies, doing the things you love. The nice part is you get to do them with the company of someone you love being in the same room.

    My hubbie and I have spent many a happy evening with him playing a computer game whilst I play the piano. Or lately he's been working on his laptop whilst I've been writing stories. What's important is that sometimes we do things together as a couple too - but we are our own people with our own unique interests too. If we lose ourselves then sadly we lose the person our partner fell in love. It's not two halves that make a whole but two wholes that make a super charged wholesome duo!!!

    Sorry this got way too deep... I am sat reading blogs on my iPhone in the middle of the night with baby asleep in arms - must try to put her down again!

    P.S. Enjoying your posts on your amazing trip!

  15. Anonymous1:57 pm

    I like that flower. Its really cute. I have been wanting to make a bunch of flowers for headbands etc. and I have been putting it off. You've inspired me to get on it!

  16. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Beautiful hat! Crochet makes me happy.. Then again, all things 80's does too!


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