Things I'm Loving!!!

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am loving and appreciating sooooo many things - especially since we have arrived back home from our time away!

Here are a few of the things I am loving at the moment...

Hanging out with my 5 favourite people in the whole world (we missed our kids so much!)...

Being reunited with my long lost obsession crafting love - wool/crochet. Can you believe it's been nearly a month since I touched my crochet hook (no, they wouldn't allow it on the plane)...

The green grass of New Zealand...

My amazing kids who do us proud! Miss 6 fell flat on her face at the start of her cross country run (it was pouring with rain and freezing) but got back up and came in 2nd place!  She told me later that she felt like crying but decided to keep going.  Awww...

And Master 8 was an awesome (and cute) narrator when his class took the School Assembly this week... 

And lastly... my new CAMERA!!!  You may have read that while we were in Israel I accidentally drowned my camera :( While we were in the Korean airport (our connecting flight coming home) Symon spotted a super 'duty free' deal on this camera and decided to buy it as my early birthday/Christmas present (for the next 10 years).  I love it!

And it has a cool screen that you can turn around so you can see yourself while taking pics...

Okay - our family is officially CRAZY... and a tad freaky.

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  1. Awww! You guys ROCK!! Loving all these warm fuzzies; yr camera looks amazing. Covet not simoney!!
    I am amazed at your Miss 6. She is amazing to do that. Good on her, what a gal. And 2nd place as well! Wahoo!

  2. Your family always make me smile, You guys always look so happy! Good on Miss 6 for hr wonderful effort on getting on with the cross country :)


  3. Great post! Welcome home. Love the new camera and the family pics are awesome!

  4. aawww, so sweet. aren't 6 year old daughters the best. mine just lost her first front tooth and looks irresistably adorable!!
    ps. bet you aren't regretting drowning your camera now..??!! :)

  5. I broke my camera recently-ish - probably a little before you left? I was attempting to prop it up on the fence around our porch with the timer set to take pictures for some new cuffs for Felt and it fell and bent the lense and now won't shut. Anyway, I'm still mourning my old one a little and so have been neglecting my "new" one - Chris' that he gave me. It's so big and clunky and everything's just not the same.

    Anyway if you find you go through a bit of camera "mourning" too - I'm there for ya ;)

  6. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. You are a crazy bunch! Love the camera too! What an awesome deal spotting hubby you have!

  7. LOVE the camera... and so glad other people take crazy photos!

  8. Welcome home! I've just read all your Israel posts and have goose bumps on my arms and at times had tears in my eyes. My man and I have spent years and years in Israel when we were younger but haven't been back for over ten years. It is a crazy place and you captured so much of its feeling. Enjoy settling back home.

  9. Love the new camera.... and the family photos!!!!

  10. Cute family photo's... fun, fun, fun... oh, and a bit crazy ;)
    Cool camera!
    Way to go Miss 6 for getting back up and coming 2nd... woohoo!!!

  11. Anonymous2:43 am

    LOVE IT!

  12. Fantastic things to love.... and they make us all love YOU!

  13. love that first picture.

  14. Awesome family 'portraits' :o)

  15. Hey PJ, wow, just caught up with your posts from Israel... would you mind if I linked them to the travel blog?


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