Fun idea for sneaky kids...

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do you have one of these?  

Sometimes this little person does some very sneaky things (like the time she decided to play 'cups of tea' in the toilet), so I love finding easy activities to keep her busy.

Here is a fun idea (thanks to Playcentre) that has kept her very busy and very 'un-sneaky'.  It also has a really great learning aspect that can get all sorts of deep scientific conversations and questions going.

Take some plastic animals (or little plastic toys), and freeze them in small or large containers of water.  When they are frozen, slip them out of the containers and let your little one loose with a small meat hammer (or a real hammer if you are game) and take a large step back and watch the fun unfold.

Heaps of fun for kids of all ages (and adults too).

p.s. we are planning to paint our back porch very soon - so excuse the peeling paint.

p.p.s. check out have kids will travel... a very cool site (designed by the amazing Sophie) all about travel, including our trip to Israel mentioned here!

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  1. aaww, i love a kid with a bit of 'pep' :)
    i'm seriously off to freeze me some animals right now. my boys are gonna LOVE me tomorrow. ohyeah!
    thanks! xo

  2. Thats a really good idea...I'll save this idea for the Sept school holidays. I checked out the travel blog... she did a good job displaying your posts.

  3. ahh, great idea there!!
    maybe I'll wait til it's a bit warmer though ;)

  4. A GREAT idea! My boy would LOVE it!

  5. Oh she is just adorable. This is a great idea!

  6. Anonymous12:09 pm

    missed seeing that little face while you were gone!

  7. oooh, love that idea! Might just go and do that now for the girls to do when they come home from school this arvo!

    Thanks for the shoutout! Simoney did the gorgeous header and button for me - talented thing that she is!! Thanks so much for letting me link to your posts too - sounds like an awesome trip!!

  8. This is something I plan on doing for the dog with treats!!!!


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