Favourite Things Friday

By PaisleyJade - Friday, May 01, 2009

Here are some of the things I am loving at the moment...

Guys that like to crochet and knit

May I introduce to you, Andrew Burton. This guy is a crocheting and knitting machine with some pretty cool beanies and stuff on his website (see here).

I did have a bit of a laugh at his couch cover and cushion... but hey, nice to find a guy who isn't ashamed to be himself ;)

Reminded me of a post I did ages ago here.

Peppermints in a tin

There's something about peppermints in a tin... and I discovered some 'Wild Bean' ones last week.... mmmmmm.

Granny squares

Yes, I am still loving crocheting granny squares. I think I have enough to make a scarf. But don't worry, I won't be making myself a granny square dress like the one below... although then again it could look rather stylish with the right shoes...

Funny blogs

I just love those blogs that make you smile... and that are random and interesting. Here are a few of my favs...

Betty's Blogazine... especially her Things I Love Thursday (they bring back so many memories)

B is for Burton... I am married to to guy who writes it (which would make me slightly biased), but I do crack up at his random thoughts and posts... they make my day.

Art by Anya... she is crafty and clever and very funny (and a great friend).

What things are you loving at the moment????

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  1. Ha i liked your husbands post :-)

    I just posted my own Swine Flu Funny..!

    I am loving all the Granny Squares about... I need to give it a crack.

    I am loving Masterchef on the TV. So much i served up Bangers and Mash to my hsband yesterday in a "Stack of Chilli and Red Wine Sausages on a bed of Mashed Potato with drizzled gravy with onions, garlic and chilli" - sounds so mcuh better like that!

    I am loving taking my puppy for a walk each arvo - i have only just started...it's so fun watching.....

    I just realised all the things i am loving so i am going to do a post instead of write you a REALLLY long comment!

  2. Crikey, look how big those knitting needles are! And I reckon you should totally make a dress with your squares!

  3. guys who can crochet and knit rock!

  4. ha ha....at first I thought that guy was Symon! And he has Burton for a name!

    Thanks for the mention, I'm glad I make you smile.

    I love peppermints too!

    Do you think that dress was ever cool?

    The stitches and craft show was FULL of Nanas! :)

  5. Nawww thanks for the mention! Tins make peppermints so much better.


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