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10 May 2009

This is what Mother's Day is all about...

Mother's Day is: being woken early on a freezing Sunday morning by your 9 year old son who is carrying a tray... and on that tray is an ever so thoughtful card, a cold glass of milk, and a piece of cold floppy toast. How thoughtful...

And then being greeted by this at your bedside...

Obviously Master 9 forgot to put the spread away where little hands couldn't reach.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Happy Mothers Day Kristy! Yeah, it's the simple things in life... xx

  2. How funny! It's the thought that counts, right? I can't imagine it being cold right now since it just got to be summer here!

  3. now this is why i'm not clucky :) altho it is kinda cute tehe

  4. haha. Love it Kristy!

  5. Cute!! happy mothers Day!

  6. oh i got floppy toast too. It must mean we are extra special? Sounds like you had a lovely day. Children are very sweet what they do things like that.

  7. hehehe!

    I liked my mothers day (spent away from the kidlets...) Now, I LOVE my kids but it was so nice to wake up without any dramas!

  8. hahaha man ur posts always have me laughing and going "nawwwww"

  9. I remember doing this for my mom (& leaving the kitchen for her to clean up...) and most times am quite thankful my boys didn't catch that tradition. (Well, that's ptrobably because they & hubs wake up about 2 hours after I'm out of bed!)

    Such a beautiful smile behind all that jam! Happy Mother's Day, PJ!


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