First Day of School

By PaisleyJade - Monday, May 11, 2009

Today Miss 5 started school.

Lately she has become quite clingy, so I was a bit apprehensive as to how it would go today.

We had our traditional "first day of school" photo's, which have in the past always included a crazy one like the one above. Things were looking good...

"I don't think I need you to come with me" Miss 5 said at the breakfast table. Wow - really looking good.

But once we arrived the nerves set in and little Miss 5 shed a few tears. I am amazed at how different each of my children have been when they start school!

Finally though the moment came (an hour and a half later) when I was told that I could go now. Yay!

At home time we were greeted by a very happy and confident little girl who couldn't stop talking about the teachers and things she did during the day.

Lets hope tomorrow will go well too!

My own first day of school was a disaster... I was a blubbering mess for a few days! Do you remember yours?

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  1. Oh wow, congrats to her! That will be us next term! Can't believe it! Glad she had a great first day. xx

  2. Wow so that means just one kids a home!!!!
    you lucky thing now you can sew and project more!

  3. congrats to the big girl!
    i loved my first day, came home,had tea and wanted to go back. My brother hated it, came home and announced he wouldn't be going again!

  4. first day of school i was 8 - i was fine :) haha homeschooled before then...

  5. Whoah! at school already! my first day was awesome, mum bought me a donut so I was happy as.


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