Secret Squirrel Crochet Bag

By PaisleyJade - Monday, May 25, 2009

To be frankly honest here, I have been quite self-conscious about my crocheting habit since I was laughed at recently (see here).

My crochet projects, hooks and wool have been hidden in plastic bags around the house (and car) for easy concealment if someone should suddenly arrive.

The problem with plastic bags is that cheeky and very pointy crochet hooks like to sneak through holes in the bottom, and fall out at the most inopportune of times. Plastic bags are also see through... well, mine are anyway.

I realised that I needed to make a secret squirrel crochet bag... something that looked very "un-Nana like" but was still versatile and hid all my Nana stuff at the same time... and that's when I spotted my favourite jumper sitting in my wardrobe!

I am sure you all have one of those favourite jumpers... the ones you love but never wear because they are either too old, don't suit you, misshapen or just plain ugly... mine was all of these.

So here it is - my recycled jumper has now become my 'Secret Squirrel Crochet Bag'... only you know the truth of what this woollen tote holds! Lined with red fabric it is perfect for keeping all my bits in... and I even made a crochet hook holder.

I think I will be on the lookout for more ugly jumpers...

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  1. Very pretty!!

    A leather studded bag would also keep people off the scent!

  2. What a cool idea.
    You are such a funky Nana.

  3. Love the colours of your nana crochet bag! Gorgeous!!

  4. Oh well done - very cool!

  5. Great idea! they are great xx

  6. Great idea... I'm loving the stripes and the little smiggle buttons/badges make it all the better!!

  7. Hey Kristy, You are my "Spotlight On..." blog this week. xxx

  8. nice crochet bag

  9. Adorable adorable!!! Love the colors,too!!!
    :) tina

  10. Nice! I was in the bank the other day and a lady was crocheting while her friend was been served. I totally thought of you straight away.


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