The drug smuggling monkey

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today I found a package in the mail addressed to me! A very special friend Anya, from Banban Designs (and Art by Anya) had sent me a lovely and very thoughtful Mother's Day surprise!

Inside was one of her amazing monkey creations (in my favourite colours and paisley pattern), the coolest Russian Doll brooch (see here for the info on who makes them) and a very amazing cushion cover made by Anya (I am still drooling over my package Anya!). It made my day - she is so clever!

The weird part though is that my package was covered in a clear plastic wrapper with special red NZ post tape covering it. A little sticker was attached to my parcel stating that it had been damaged in the mail and the reason for the damage was 'other'.

As I unwrapped my parcel I could see that someone had carefully slit my package open, then my wrapped gift and then I discovered that one of the eyes of my monkey was missing!!! Hmmm... sounds like the NZ post thought my friend was smuggling me drugs in her softie! Haha.

I did see a documentary recently where a coat with lots of buttons was seen as suspicious by NZ authorities and surely enough, they opened the buttons to find compacted drugs hiding in each one.

I was a little bit annoyed - but also so excited by my parcel that I got over it soon enough.

I think my monkey will need either a new eye or a patch? What do you think?

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  1. awww, poor little monkey! It'll make a good story though.

  2. Haha Anya is the LAST person on earth to smuggle drugs... funny. What a neat gift. Isnt she awesome!

  3. Hmmmmmmm. Come to think of it, my wife has been acting very strange as of late... what, with the crochet and everything...

  4. I'm really annoyed they can ruin something without even an apology!

    How dare they!

    Thankgoodness I decided NOT to send those pills this time though!

  5. gorgeous softy. very very annoying that they can destroy stuff and get away with it

  6. OMG! I can't believe they stole an eye from the poor little monkey!
    I think you should make some groovy eye patches and make it a real fashion statement.... poor lil monkey

  7. aawwwww - poor thing - that is pretty amusing though! I think he has character.... i reckon and eye patch is definitely the way to go :-)

  8. I think a patch is a great idea!

  9. Oh dear - poor monkey! How annoying! He's very cute!

  10. I'd heard of cheecky monkies, but this is hilarious!

    Poor non-drug smuggling monkies. How must they feel when buttons are giving them a bad name. They will refuse to travel by post if this keeps happening. :)

    PS. Did they at least put the button back in the parcel? Or did it go away for testing?!

    I also like how 'Other' is actually 'We opened your parcel looking for drugs'. Why don't they have that on there with a little box to tick next to it? :)

  11. He definitely needs an eye-patch, to keep the story alive. Crazy that they kept the button...but what a story!


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