Shopping Trolley Graveyard

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, May 28, 2009

I was having a lovely stroll the other day with hubby and Miss 4... our local harbour is so beautiful!

I decided to take a few photo's of the boats, water, anchors - all those interesting and beautiful things that make great photos... and then I came across this sad sight!

Hubby commented something to the likes of: "ever wondered where shopping trolley's go when they die?"

I may just have discovered our local shopping trolley graveyard...

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  1. thats a pretty cool photo, but sad that ppl have no regard for our environment, crack up line from ya hubby too

  2. Well, it does make for a pretty excellent photo.. spooky too!

  3. That's very eery.
    What if that's the suicide trollies? They've just had enough of pushing food around. Sad.

  4. I want one! How cool would that be to have your own shopping cart! (yeah..cart...that is what we call it!)

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  6. symon knows too many movies


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