Feejee Mermaid

By PaisleyJade - Friday, May 29, 2009

Have you ever heard of the Feejee Mermaid?

If you are normal, you probably wouldn't have... but if you are like me and married to a man obsessed with cryptozoology (see here to see what I mean), you would know all about it (and if you don't know what Cryptozoology means... see here).

Now that we have that all sorted out, The Feejee mermaid (or sometimes known as the Fiji Mermaid) was a strange creature that was 'apparently' discovered and claimed to be a real dead mermaid (you can read all about it here), when in fact it was a monkey body sewn to a fishes bottom half... eewwww! Some people were fooled because the taxidermy job was really good.
The whole reason for this post is the fact that I love it when our (my husband's and I) two passions collide... like crochet chess sets, and these cute little things I spotted the other day... softie Feejee Mermaids!
Surely he wouldn't mind one of these sitting on our bed? A good compromise?

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  1. wow i didn't know the meaning of Cryptozoology, those dolls are adorable! Hope you have a good weekend ;-)

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  3. They're cute!You'd have to get one of each surely!

  4. First time i've seen a feejee mermaid. It's quite strangely beautiful! :)

  5. weird!! Think the crochet chess set is hillarious though - why WOULDN'T Symon want one!!

  6. Sadly, I immediately knew what they were when I saw the pic. I am nerd. :)


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