There's ringing in my ears...

By PaisleyJade - Friday, May 22, 2009

There has been a lot of tears this last week... and not much else (including crafting, reading or thinking straight).

These tears have included starting school tears and sobs, teeth falling out wails, illness grizzles, puppy stealing kid's food grumps and the regular battles that come with sibling rivalry.

I remember having major fights and battles with my brother growing up... and that was only with two of us (and that is also why I can do really really good dead arms)! My four are just as feisty as I was as a child, so you can imagine the battles that go on at our place... hence the ringing in my ears.

In a couple of weeks our coffee group for mums with pre-schoolers (run through our church) is having an awesome lady come to share about sibling rivalry and give us some tips... bring it on! Am I the only one who finds this a battle at times?

Until then, I'll keep searching for that mute button that I am sure God must have thought to put on each child... and I will also keep reading and re-reading this verse from Romans 5 verse 4 " And endurance develops strength of character...".

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  1. My household is exactly the same. And it's only with two! The noise factor is so embarrassing.... I've heard them from outside! Who knows what the neighbours think. Sometimes it sounds like to pigs squealing and fighting. It really does my head in!
    That's a great verse to hold onto! Thanks.
    I'm also thinking about checking out the course at the Parents Inc centre here in Auckland. They are only $10 a session... I think worth it for a few tips to try out!

  2. often wonder how my mother coped with all out fighting. She just left us too it and hardly ever stepped in. I on the other hand find it VERY hard to let the girls sort stuff out between themselves, even though I have read NOT to step in unless harm is happening. I think you are a legend Kristy. You have an amazing family, and you still find time to do heaps of creative stuff. Hang in there and you will get through. Oh and a bit of prayer will never go astray so I will remember to send a few up for you. xxx

  3. Often thought there must be a volume control on the children somewhere but have never found it!

  4. Kristy you are Soooo not alone with the sibling rivalry thing! My eldest two annoy and gripe at easch other so much (and then out of the blue they'll do something really sweet for the other one that gives me a ray of hope); they both dote over their baby brother. Lil sister is joining big brother at school next term... I'm wondering how that will change the dynamic? I'd love to hear something on this topic too! Share any gems you get with us afterwards! xx

  5. absolutely not alone with this one!

    Although generally it's the eldest daughter wracking (is that a word?) up the other two.

    I think it's harder at this time of the year, it's darker and COLDER when you get up in the morning, leading to very grumpy children and parents! ;)

  6. well being the mother of 2 with the volume at times coming from our house like I have 129 children I can completely relate!
    I feel like we are stuck in a shoebox in this house....the kids run around driving me bonkers! At least I'm not the only one out there feeling this way!

  7. Can definately relate! Awesome that you can do good dead arms! I used to give my brothers Miss piggy hit across thair backs!! Hehe

  8. Yup, ditto to all of the above. It seems though that it in our house it has got worse in just the last month or so. More physical fights, more shouting, more arguments... I don't know why its suddenly gone up a notch or two.


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