25 October 2010

Crochet Octo Phone Cover

Meet my new Octo Phone Cover.

You may remember the phone sock, and then my first ever crochet phone cover... but alas, phone covers usually die after a while.

I felt the need to create a new one yesterday, and after seeing this gorgeous and very gaudy yellow wool, I was inspired.  Team that with a bit of inspiration from my coffee cup sleeve, and I designed a new easy to slip on/off cover... which totally clashes with my pink phone.

I love it!

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  1. Anonymous5:55 pm

    ahh! i want i want! i definitely need one of these for my iphone. i do not want anyy scratches on the cover.

    maybe i should learn how to crochet! love the octopus pin :)

  2. Cuutttee! I love the octopus too!

  3. That is so cute! I'm trying to learn crochet, but I'm not very good yet.

    Well done :)


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