The BIG Weekend Away!

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My two biggest boys have just arrived home from a fantastic weekend away.  This weekend was a very special one - this was the weekend where our oldest son had the 'big talk' (you know - the birds and the bees, becoming a man and all that sort of stuff) with his Dad.

When it comes to the 'big talk', parents often pick one of three options... 

1. Leave it up to the child's school and friends
2. Awkwardly hand them a book to read when any tricky questions come up
3. Tell them to "go and ask your mother/father" if they want to know anything

Neither Symon or I have ever felt that any of these options were the best way to celebrate and learn about the exciting (and sometimes scary) changes that come with the journey from childhood to adulthood. 

We have some great families in our church who I totally look up to because of their awesome parenting styles. These families have all fully embraced the role of parenting - and one family in particular (Julian & Keri - you guys totally rock!) have the family tradition that we have also adopted - The Big Weekend Away!

First ever crumble made by himself while visiting Aunty Shelley on their trip!

Basically, this special weekend is all about having a couple of fun days away with your tween (Dad with son or Mum with daughter) - indulging in yummy treats, doing tonnes of fun stuff, and at the same time talking about the changes that are up ahead for them.  On the way to your destination you listen to a great CD which covers all the tricky subjects, and leave room for discussion or questions about what you have both listened to - in the middle of making the most amazing memories.

Lying in a sea of comics after visiting a giant comic shop

The guys had a blast - as you can see from the photos... and I know that a potentially awkward situation was turned into a very special time of bonding, setting up a great foundation for future discussions, questions and support.

So I encourage all of you with kids to seriously think about creating your Big Weekend Away when the time comes.  I'm already excitedly planning my girl's ones... chocolate, movies, walks along beaches, lolly shops, painting nails - I can't wait!!!  

Maturing into adulthood should be a celebration - especially after surviving the years of sleepless nights and smelly nappies!!

Here are some great resources to assist in your Big Weekend Away:

The Big Weekend with Parents Inc. 

Passport 2 Purity with Focus on the Family 

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like more information!  

Have fun!!

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  1. awww. too cool! little j boy is all grown up ;)

  2. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing this, I am so inspired!
    It looks like your 2 biggest boys had a really fun time away and very special bonding took place I'm sure. What a great way to set up the entrance into adulthood. Just brilliant :)x

  3. i've heard about this...sounds so cool. i have no doubt that just speaks volumes into a young boy's life that his dad would take the time to do that.
    We'll be doing our girls around the same time I guess...eeeek!!
    you guys rock :) xo

    (I had the #2 option done for me!! haha.)

  4. I love it - it is many years away for us, yet, but I'm going to tuck this wee gem away for when the time comes. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  5. I love this idea!! What a great way to make your child feel really special too.
    i recently talked to my eldest about the changes ahead because I didnt want her to find out the 'wrong' information in the school playground. I just introduced it a wee bit, talking about hygiene changes, and what body changes to expect. She had a funny look on her face the whole time and at the end I asked her if she had any questions and she said, yes, can I play on the Wii now? but hopefully Ive opened the door and she feels she can come back to me when she's ready. Will definately consider a weekend away with her though and check out thos resources - brilliant idea!

  6. Thats a really awesome idea. Looks like they had a great time too.

  7. this is great! i remember my mum talking to me about it at a really young age. I was so prepared that none of the body changes or things ahead phased me, almost like i wasn't even interested. haha.


    This idea is great, much better, i like that you take them away so that they don't have to feel stink with their siblings or even like a boy might feel stink with his mum sitting there frowning while dad sheepishly hopes he's saying the right stuff.

    oh and I think i got a book too, it was funny and i liked it as it had cartoons! haha

  8. The water shot was fantastic. The reason for the weekend together is a purposeful one but the fact that father and son can take time together like that is the totally wonderful thing. So many do not and really should.

  9. Anonymous1:37 am

    what a BRILLIANT idea! Love that your hubby made it such a special time! We are and always have been a very open book family...actually I am sure The Rock Star wishes i would close it Lots of open, honest dialogue. But I love the weekend away idea for hte one on one aspect. Such great memories not only for son, but for dad too. After all, it is all about relationships. Really love this idea PJ, thanks for sharing this. Your hubby is a great father!!!!!

    love and light

  10. Such a fantastic weekend and a lovely idea.

    We're always very honest with the girls and when they've seen me go to the toilet at 'the time of the month' we've had a talk about periods - in a way they can understand.

    And also in terms of how babies are made we've been open and honest - but in a way they can relate to at their young age. We feel no need to make up stories that the 'stork brought the baby' etc.

    I had a most memorable weekend away with my father when I was 16. We went walking for the weekend, camping in a field and hiking the countryside. It was after my GCSE's and I was off to college to do my A-levels before Uni. It was such a special father and daughter time and I've never forgotten it.

    My mother and I often had time together, but to spend a weekend one on one with my father was very precious.

    Thank you for sharing.

  11. What a fantastic idea! A very loving way of introducing all the tough stuff into a child's life, and making such a special weekend of it will mean he'll only ever remember it in such a positive light. Great work. We have a few years to go before we have the conversations but great to know what a positive spin we can put on it :-)

  12. What a fantastic idea! A very loving way of introducing all the tough stuff into a child's life, and making such a special weekend of it will mean he'll only ever remember it in such a positive light. Great work. We have a few years to go before we have the conversations but great to know what a positive spin we can put on it :-)

  13. Thank you from The Parenting Place and Parent's Inc. You've captured the heart of what it's all about. Family is Everything!

  14. Anonymous11:18 am

    What fun, boys day out, going through the tunnels,spending time with Auntie Shelley and making Apple crumble, yummy, Dad's make very good mates.

  15. What a fabulous idea! So much nicer than the book I got! Will be using this one, in about 100 years time when the tots need it!

  16. WOW! I honestly had chills, like goosebumps reading this. Kristy you guys are so inspiring.
    I've heard about it at Parents Inc, but have nevere met anyone who had actually done it.
    It looks FANTASTIC!!!
    What a wonderful way to approach things. Wow.
    I am still all chills, man.
    LUV IT!!

    HEY can you put this somewhere in your best posts?? This is one that lots of people chould be able to find easily!

  17. I have heard Ian Grant talk about this and it so inspires me. About once a week I have started praying with my kiddies (7,4,3) for God to prepare their future husbands/wives for them.

  18. I really loved this!! I love your approach to it all. Turning the 'talk' into a fun boys weekend.....what a special time together!!

  19. Yep, it's definitely a fabulous idea - we've heard about it through the parenting courses and I've planned a sensational trip away for my Miss6 when the time is right (you can never be too early in your preparations right - especially when you need to save haha!)

    Go you guys - awesome parenting!!

  20. that is great!!! Have a great weekend

  21. This is one of the best ideas EVER! I'm going to pass it on to my children(grown) to have a "BIG weekend away" with their own children when the time comes. Thanks for the inspired idea:)


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