Favourite Things Friday!!!

By PaisleyJade - Friday, October 29, 2010

Here are a few of my favourite things this week...

Playcentre creations... it's a car!

Seeing all the cool crafty nerds that are going public on Craft Nerds Going Public!   I especially love these two pics of Never Knew crocheting at her daughter's dance concert rehearsal and nicole sp crocheting at the WHL!  These ladies are super cool.

The opportunity for the kids and I to witness a WHOLE beehive moving and finding a new home... and in between they hung out on a tree next door to our house for a day.  Very cool... and slightly scary!

Making cute granny squares and fluffy bunnies...

These fabulous links...

The Reed Life... I heart this blog! 

I discovered my post The Ones We Never Knew on this great place with tears of love.  A wonderful place for those who have suffered the loss of a baby to find support and also the opportunity to share their story.

Virginia Blue makes very cool crochet creations and also shares delicious receipes! 

And last but not least, Cat who made me blush with her post this week about me.  Her posts are always inspiring and her photography is amazing.

Have an awesome weekend!!!!! 

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  1. Loving your list dear Kristy.

    You crack me up with your crochet-conquer-the-world thing!

  2. Wow, look at those bees!!! And your bunnies really are so cute.

    Mahna Mahna.

  3. wow I have never seen a bees nest/hive like that.

    you are totally gonna conquer the world :)

  4. I love your loving lists :) Those bees are amazing, and a wee bit scary too!! I can only imagine the buzzing noise, was it bad??

    Love your pink & grey granny squares... whatcha makin'?

  5. those bees are scary, the bunnies are cute though.

  6. oooo I just checked out The Reed Life, and I heart it too! Thanks for the link ;)

  7. wow those bees are amazing! I would totally be freaking out - but its cool too!
    Love that car - what a big creation to take home! We are regularly bringing home everyone else share of cereal boxes from kindy *grin*
    And your bunnies are always so adorable.
    Im off to check out the links.

  8. Those bunnies are so cute... makes me wish I still had little people around here!

    Thanks for the shout out... you're too sweet! :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend.


  9. Seeing those bees would be a lifetime event to me!!!!!

  10. thanks for the love!
    can't wait to look around on your super cute blog!

  11. Anonymous9:52 am

    okay...those bees...amazing!!!
    so so cool!!
    and those wrist warmers on virginia blue...cute cute cute
    almost as cute as your little bean paining her car...but not quite...she is ultra cute!!!
    thanks for the mention, but honey it is really all about you....though I do so appreciate the love!
    Have a great weekend Kristy!
    love and light

  12. What a Brilliant post!
    Love the crafty nerds going public photos - Yay :)

    I am amazed by the bee photos what an experience to see them!

    Lovely grannys and adorable bunnies x


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