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By PaisleyJade - Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bought my son the most perfect 8 year old birthday card... only to realise when I got home that he would be turning 9 on his birthday. DOH! 

Stalked my husband like the paparazzi would while he was sitting in the fish & chip shop (well, I was actually testing out the zoom on my camera - ahem).  

Discovered my 3 year old with spots drawn all over her face and hands... cause she wanted to have the chicken pox (she also decided to give Daddy a haircut while he was lying on the deck outside - thankfully the scissors were blunt!). 

I do hope your weekend was as cool as mine :)

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  1. Our weekend ended with us blaring the Avalanche City album on our stereo whilst having fun playing parachute with a freshly washed sheet, then piggy in the middle and some indoor football in the lounge. The boys were later to bed but hey...it was so worth it.

    Thanks for the heads up on that album..it rockS! A total lift to our spirits at the end of a busy weekend :-)

  2. No, I'm not wearing a headband.

  3. haha! funny about the card! fail.

  4. HAHAHA! I totally thought your husband was wearing a headband! Rockin' it!! ;-)
    That cracks me up about "8 Today" card! Easily done I'm sure...?! X

  5. :) oppsy about the card!

  6. B'day card.........hilarious

    Fish n chips yummo!

    Chicken pox.......self inflicted....too cute.

    Cool weekend. Thanks for sharing. We had a great one too! :-)

  7. haha, yea I keep telling Jayden when he has been naughty that he will go to his room for 7 minutes, he reminds me all the time that he is 8 now and not 7... I think we lose it after having 3 kids or more!

    Lucky for the blunt scissors, lol.

    Sounds like a great family weekend :) xxx

  8. Ellymay1:03 pm

    We had a great weekend, walked the beach, had a feed of tuatuas, yummy. More tuatuas today, fritters for tea tonight.Symon does look like he is a bit of a Rambo!!!!

  9. syms is definitely rocking that sweat band!

  10. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Oh PJ the card!!!!!!
    now THAT i have not done before....hopefully never!
    love the blue chicken pox
    and love the stalking of your hubby...very sneaky!

    love and light

  11. Love the chicken pox. My oldest has done that, but because he wanted spots, not the chicken pox. Cute.

    Also, I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award :)


  12. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Hehe! How cute is your Daughter? Glad you had a fab weekend, ours was filled with Autumnal fun x

  13. At least you realized before you gave him the card. Makes for a great story though


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