Weekend Bliss!

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend bliss = 

Being at this beautiful location... 

On our annual youth camp with 60+ awesome young people... 

Experiencing an AMAZING God... 

(also, not being in labour on Labour weekend is an added bonus). 

Not bliss = running over a possum on the way home. 

Here's hoping your weekend is as awesome as mine (minus the possum incident)!!

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  1. Hi Kristy! My first time to comment here but just wanted to say I love your blog, and even more so now I am living in Germany...it is so nice to see photos of NZ! Ben was at the camp you went to I think, so exciting to hear what God is doing in Whangarei! Be blessed...Sarah ( Ben's sister)

  2. Gorgeous!!!! I just told my husband, last night , that I need a good weekend getaway, but I'm not sure I want 60 kids along, good or not! Ha!

  3. Oh my goodness those pictures are heavenly. I need a vacation ;)

  4. Anonymous4:28 am

    YES YES YES!!!!
    awesome PJ

    sorry about the possum

    love and light

  5. Anonymous5:01 am

    amazing photos!

    ahh i ran over a bunny once, and i had to pull over for a good five minutes. it was awful.

    i think a possum is infinitely worse. and they're kindd of super creepy.

    love your blog!


  6. AMAZING! Looks so beautiful there..I want to jump right into that nature!

    Love that you are so involved & giving your time to God like so..inspiring!!!

    Poor possum..

    Hehe ~ Happy Weekend!!

  7. ooooooooooh, ahhhhhhhh, what beautiful pictures. just might have to visit NZ. oh! poor possum :-(

  8. What a beautiful spot. Just think how many kiwis you saved by running over the possum! xx

  9. What a stunning spot, New Zealand really does rock, we are so lucky.

  10. pleased you had a good time

    where was the camp
    sounds neat and looks wonderful

  11. Yay! Perfect weather and location for an amazing encounter with God!!

    And Yay for running over the oppossum too. They are pests.

  12. That scenery is gorgeous!! I would love to come there someday!!

  13. Oh yes, those pictures are the NZ I know and love. I cant wait to get back there!!!
    Youth camp sounds great, I remember going to those when I was growing up in Whangarei - dont we have the best spots for realising Gods amazing creations!

  14. Im impressed that being away with 60 youths is a great weekend. lol. I wouldnt mind the weekend away minus the youths.

  15. Oh my goodness, that place looks like a dream... I may have to repent of envy! But I'm so excited for you to experience this, and our Amazing God!!!

  16. Oh, homesick! Beautiful! What a great spot :)


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