The Outtakes

By PaisleyJade - Friday, October 01, 2010

Have you checked out the new and improved Kiwi Mummy Blogs site yet?  I am loving the new design and functionality of it - the ingenious idea of FaerySarah from BobbyRobin.

If you are a Kiwi Mummy blogger, I encourage you to have a visit and get involved.  It doesn't matter if you are a Kiwi who has moved overseas to live, or if you are an overseas Mum who is now living in New Zealand - it's the perfect place to meet other mums who blog, share ideas, encourage each other and be inspired in this sometimes crazy adventure called Motherhood.

My little Miss 3 is having her few weeks of fame on the homepage at the moment... so for a laugh, I thought I'd share some of the outtakes from the torturous fun job of trying to get a three year old to hold a piece of white paper and smile sweetly for a photo!

The only way she would do it was if I bribed her with the chance to talk on the video setting after I'd taken a few shots.  That's where this (and many others) came from.

Thanks so much Sarah for creating such an awesome community site for Kiwi Mums!!

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  1. :) that's so funny! SHe's so precious!

  2. you didn't send me that last one!!!! its gorgeous!

  3. Cute, cute and cute!

  4. She is such a cutie - and looks fab on the new site!

  5. i recognised her on there!! could be her big break??!! haha.

  6. she is so beyond super cute! I recognised her right away and wondered how you did it :)

  7. I get my looks from daddy and my temperament from mummy ;-)

  8. She sure is a cutie-pie!! I love it that she's obviously not camera-shy! :) x

  9. Ah, the ol' bribery and corruption trick! Possibly the best in the book...


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