By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Apparently women use 20,000 words a day, and men only use 7,000 (according to bestseller, Fact-checking ``The Female Brain."). 

I think this video below pretty much proves that my girls have an insatiable need to talk - even if it's about absolutely nothing... every single day... on and on and on. 

Do you feel my pain?

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  1. Ba ha ha. i love how she just ends like she's finished and we should all know its the end. haha

  2. AAhh cute! I know what you mean. I have two girls, one of whom talked as soon as she could and hasn't stopped since. IT'S EXHAUSTING but utterly delightful!

  3. She is SOOO cute! And girls DO talk lots more, my 16 week old baby has been trying to communicate since she was 3 weeks old. The "chatting" is constant. We are bracing ourselves for later on.....

  4. So cute! She sure is a little chatterbox... reminds me of my little Ezra.
    Yana and Ezra are looking over my shoulder saying who's that? she's cute.

  5. what a cutie!
    My two girls are both chatterboxes and I miss it when they are at school and kindy because its soooo quiet (one even continues in her sleep!) The worst is the non-stop monologue when we are in public toilets or on planes - i can hear and see people trying not to laugh at what is coming out of their mouths - particularly the youngest...

  6. Anonymous8:58 pm

    oh yes friend i feel you pain....I feel you pain
    but she is so darn cute, i can't help but smile!

    Now I do have to say we must have one of those freak situations because our youngest son doesn't stop talking much...we blame it on my husbands dad....

    love it!

  7. Brilliant. I have absolutely no idea what she said but it was delivered so beautifully and with such expression that you couldn't help but love it.

    But then I live in a house full of boys so I'm bound to!

  8. SO. There with you. I actually have to purposely tune in now because I'm so used to tuning out as soon as they open their mouths!! haha not really. well no kinda.....I wonder where the heck they get it from ? ;)

    And yes She is Super cutness plus some

  9. Haha she is just so kissable! My girlies can be chatterboxes too, BUT only if they are really comfortable. I am looking after L and P while Anya is away, now Mr L can chat... all about his games. So interesting (yawn) Na really I am loving it.

  10. Well I'm still downloading the video as our net seems to be slow today. But I have to say it is not always just GIRLS!! My two boys seem to have got the 'chat' gene. I'm thinking it's probably not from Carl. haha :-)

  11. Hehe all I heard was 'tissue box' and 'koala'. Cuuuuuute! She was obviously looking round for things to say. Kids are funny how they do that... I used to get "Hey Auntie?" (waiting til I was finished talking to someone), "Yes?" Then she'd say "uuuuuummmmmmm" (looking round) "uuuuuummmmmmm, letterboxes are white". Uh huh!

  12. Hehe. Girls aye. There are times when I turn to my daughter and say "you can be quiet you know" cause I don't think its entered her head that she can.

  13. hahahaha is her name Abbey perchance??? oh no that's right Abbey is my daughter who does the excact same thing talk and talk and talk about everything and nothing ... I feel your pain alright!!

  14. Anonymous6:42 am

    Oooooh my goodness the cuteness is overwhelming!


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