Things I'm Loving!!!

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here are a few of the things I am loooooving at the moment...

Face painting...

The bestest birthday surprise EVER for my awesome friend Anya - see here (watch the clip).  Such a neat surprise organised by Weza and friends.  Brought tears to my eyes!!

Rainbow toenails...

Fair trade coffee delivered to my door...  

My amazing friend Jackie's new blog.  She is a wonderful friend, amazing cook and has the best laugh I've ever heard (and don't ask me why my mouth is always open in the pics below - maybe she was making me laugh)...

Great garage sale finds by my super-thrifty-eye-for-a-bargain husband...

What things are you loving?

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  1. Anonymous4:53 pm

    HOT BOOTS!!!
    Nice find husband
    love the colours in this post and all the joy!!!

    love and light

  2. ooh nice boots - wish i could wear boots at the mo. sigh :) that coffee is very nice too. we need a catchup!

  3. LOVE the Rainbow toenails
    and your hair do in the photo with Jackie

  4. Cuuuute little star and kitten! & loving those toes...

  5. Oh will check out that blog now. xxx

  6. I still grin and shed a tear when I watch that video - the look of surprise is priceless. You are lucky to have such great friends.

    love the rainbow toes - cute!

  7. Anonymous7:46 pm

    loving you blog lol! I am loving those boots though, they are stunning :)

  8. Rainbow toenails - cute! I want some too :)

  9. Awww. That picture of us is so funny. We had the moves that night. You crack me up!

  10. Your husband and his garage saling finds!! Nice!!

    I love the rainbow toes - too cute!!

  11. How much fun together and the boots are fab!!

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  12. Lovin all those things x

  13. Hi there, I saw your comment on Tea's post about the Scottish in you and so had a peek at your blog.

    I'm Scottish, a mum of four and have just taught myself how to crochet and am now addicted to it!

    Love your blog.

  14. love the rainbow toes! also, my mouth is always open in pictures too!

  15. Those are cute little painted faces!

  16. Those boots are to DIE for!!!!

    I've nominated you for a "one lovely blog" award, head on over to my place to pick it up

  17. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Cute Stuff - love those rainbow toenails. Shame mine are far too manky for that!! I'm loving finishing things and getting to start new ones.

  18. Thanks for popping over to mine.
    Like the toenails! :)

  19. Anonymous6:16 am

    Hey there, how are things with you? Can't believe another natural disaster has hit your Country. Hope you and your family are well. Sending my thoughts to all over there at this devastating time xxx

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    This is my good friend's business


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