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By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I just wanted to say a massive "thank you" to everyone for your beautiful comments on yesterday's post.  

It was hard to write down what we experienced, but it was soooooo worth it. The stories some of you shared have really moved me.  Also, thank you to those that have emailed me to share your stories, ask questions about my faith, and also how to cope with the fear of miscarrying.  It has been so good to get in touch with each and every one of you.

Please feel free to email me if any of you want to share your story or ask questions etc.  I love hearing from you!!  You can find my email address here.

I also wanted to thank all of you out there who have been amazing friends and family to those around you who have been through the loss of a child. Even though you might not know what to say or do, the fact that you care means the world to those going through their loss.  It's not about knowing the right words to say - usually less words are best.  It's just about being supportive, caring and being there for them.  People like this, are worth their weight in gold.

Love you guys!!! 

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  1. I meant to comment yesterday, but have just got to it now. Thank you for sharing your experience and your faith. You are strong and brave. I can relate to your story in some of my own experiences and am now blessed with 4 gorgeous children and am so grateful for each of them- it has not been an easy road having them. I am grateful that I can find comfort, peace and hope in my loving God and hope that others touches by your story can find that too. Thanks for being open. Cx

  2. Anonymous9:33 pm

    : )

    love and light sweet lady

    it is amazing what happens when we open our hearts....isn't it?!

  3. I missed your post yesterday, but I went back to read it. Our daughter lost a baby when at 8 weeks she went for her ultrasound and there was no heart beat. She, too, had to deliver. It took her weeks to be able to even talk about it at all. She has since had another little girl, her third. Her family feels complete, but somewhere in her heart, and mine, are questions about who this little one would have been and why his/her life was cut so short. My daughter didn't want to know the gender.
    You are a very strong woman.

  4. Ahhh, you're amazing PJ! I'm so glad we are freinds in real life now as well as blogland.
    You are one GREAT lady!
    Luv heaps


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