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By PaisleyJade - Saturday, September 11, 2010

Okay everyone - here is an awesome way that you can get involved in helping those in Christchurch (New Zealand), after our recent devastating Earthquake.

What is so awesome about this aid project, is that you get something amazing for your donation!!! I've donated some things and there are many more amazing crafters getting involved.

Here is the Felt Aid vision...

In the wake of the recent devastating Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand (and continuing after shocks!) a number of us Crafty minded entrepreneurs on Felt felt that we would like to help out in some way - Felt Aid and Felt...like helping out is the result! 

We are pooling our creative talents and resources to form Felt Aid - a store on Felt where all those from the Felt community (as well as willing others) may donate items for sale - the proceeds of which will be donated to the rebuilding and clean-up of Christchurch. 

If you would like to offer your services as a volunteer or donate your handmade items for sale please stop by our blog http://feltlikehelpingout.blogspot.com and check out the donations page or simply message us - Thank you!!

Grab a button to spread the word, visit the shop and get involved!!

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  1. it is such a fantastic idea!!! I love how us kiwis really get on board in the face of disaster.

  2. Thanks for this plug Kristy! Much appreciated!!

  3. Help is greatly needed here in christchurch, Myself and my family are one of the lucky ones that have lost nothing but there is families that are in desperate need of stuff. People wondering what tomorrow will bring for them, will they find a home? Will the house that they have lived in for many years be condemned? thats what a lot of cantabarians are asking themselves. Its sad seeing the devastation around christchurch. What an awesome idea and Christchurch will greatly appreciate such generosity from you all xxx

  4. my in laws and extendedd famil are all in Christchurch, all are fine thankfully but i knwo so mnay aren't- i am going to check it out now. x

  5. That is a great idea. I can't wait to see more.

  6. A fantastic idea! My sewing machine is currently out of order... but I will think and see if there is something I can do - or I will buy!!

  7. Anonymous7:59 am

    brilliant idea.
    Love it when people are able to ind a way to use their talents for the greater good.
    We are like Stina.. nothing damaged (well, nothing uber important) and we are all ok, as is our family...
    It's really bought out the best in the community, which almost (ALMOST) makes it worth it..
    So, what I'm trying to say is.... Thankyou.
    love xx

  8. I just visited the felt aid "shop" and got some GORGEOUS earrings for $14. Thanks for drawing our attention to this Kristy. Wish I was crafty so I could donate. But at least I can BUY stuff!


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