Just hanging out...

By PaisleyJade - Monday, January 04, 2010

The last couple of days have been amazing... and the reason they have been so good is because we have been hanging out as a family and doing absolutely nothing (apart from me changing all the sheets on the 5 beds this morning and giving the house a much needed vacuum).

I am loving not having to wake early each morning and make lunches and get to places in a hurry.  We've been eating when we feel hungry, playing games and lazing around the house (Sophie put in in the perfect sense with her post today "The Great Staycation").

We decided to have some girl/guy bonding time this afternoon. I had to laugh at the differences in our chosen activities: Girls = going out to a café together, Guys = hiking in the bush (in the rain).  Which group would you have rather been with?

I hope you are making time to do nothing this week!

p.s. I'm still in shock at how well the toilet training is going with Miss 2 - no accidents yet and tonnes of stickers on her sticker chart!

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  1. Aww :)
    This post is so joyful
    Family time is the best!

    Three beautiful girls up in that 1st picture! :) love it!

    Yay for the potter trainee!! :)

    Love n' Hugs!

  2. Sounds like a great time! We're just back from down the line... Mark at work again tomorrow.... but we're all looking forward to our own beds and just chilling at home a bit!

  3. we've been hanging out at home too. except all of a sudden I get a little cabin-feverish and make us all go out somewhere for a bit, I find it REALLY hard to stay at home for a full day.

    gorgeous pic of you and your girls!!

  4. We are looking forward to a couple of weeks at home too.
    Love how different the boys and girls chosen activities are!!

  5. Hmmm tricky one...I'm thinking...the girls team please :)

  6. Anonymous9:09 pm

    loven the pics K...and really I like both groups...going for the hike firstand then off to the cafe with the girls...sounds about perfect to me...even with the rain!

  7. Hai there! Thanks for the comment, I'm working on getting better with photos :) This blog is very cute! What an adorable family <3 Bless!

  8. What a wonderful post. I love the photos and the just doing what you want and relaxing looks great.
    What are your potty training secrets. My daughter isn't having such luck with hers.

  9. Your family time sounds wonderful! I definietly would have chosen to hang out with the girls. Although, I do like to go hiking, I don't think I would choose to go in the rain.

    Yay for easy potty training!! That's awesome! :)

  10. these girls are so pretty! wow

  11. Who would've thought the day would come where Burton would sport a pair of shorts!

  12. I was waiting for a cheeky comment like that Jon. Thin ice my friend -Great post BTW - would look better on WP though.

  13. Awww, the pictures are beautiful!! What a gorgeous family you have!

    You made a day at home with the kids sound so relaxing and wonderful. How do you do it? It's nothing but complete chaos here!!

  14. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Hey Hey Hello! I found this lovely space from Abby's Journal: http://gracefulhope.blogspot.com

    It's always a joy for me to see moms with their children in a vocation of love and learning!

    See you in the Wind!

  15. Beautiful. We're loving the simple life too. Time is the most precious gift and the joy children derive from having their parents get down and play with them is priceless.

    Hurray for the holidays and yah for the potty training!

    Sarah :)

    P.S. Both options sounds great to me - but would depend on my mood at the time ;)

  16. happy new year!!!
    and uh, no to the rainy bush adventure X

  17. Anonymous1:55 am

    sometimes those lazy staycations are just what you need, traveling can be lots of fun, but I wouldn't exactly call it relaxing. Best of luck with the potty training. I haven't gone through it myself, but I've heard about it from family with children...sounds like you're little one is doing quite well!


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