Things I'm Loving...

By PaisleyJade - Monday, January 11, 2010

Here's are a few of the things I am loving at the moment...

A new bag bought just for me (after showing hubby it in the shop and then batting my eyelashes)...

Corn on the cob (and when cooked it must be smothered in butter and salt!)...

The knowledge that hidden beneath all the dress up clothes is a Daddy who takes time out to play with his girls (even if that means being covered in clothes until you just about can't breathe)...

Beautifully pregnant friend holding a very cute baby (who belongs to another friend)...

Strange outfits that little ones decide to wear each day (and demand to keep on when going out in public)... and yes that is a hole in our lawn - we (well, he actually) are building a deck.

Actually having an okay photo taken by Miss 2...

Picking up SouleMama's latest book from the library!

What things are you loving at the moment??

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  1. What lovely things. Can't wait to see a pic of the deck when it's done, will be lovely.

  2. Loving great posts - have been reading them all recently Kristy, just not a lot of commenting time!

    Yummmmm Corn tomorrow I feel!

  3. Anonymous3:04 am

    loven this post kristy!
    oh especially the outfit!!! Too good!

  4. You have beautiful eyes!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!!!


  5. It's no wonder your girls are so beautiful, just look at you!!! Gorgeous eyes. I love your post! It's always so full of the love you and your family share!!!

  6. That's a good look for you, Burton ;)

  7. So much beauty here! Love all of these photographs :) And that bag..good find, girl!

    You are so lovely, Paisley Jade!
    Your shine joy!!

    I'm loving lately..
    organic milk in my coffee (it's expensive here, but I got to treat myself to it the other day!-lol)

    Love to you! x

  8. great things you're lovin!
    cute bag :)
    we are loving corn on the cob at the moment too and i'm especially loving that my youngest devours it and asks for more after the first 3 all not liking it yaaaaaay!!

  9. that baby looks like my daughter??! :) lol - loving your blog!


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