By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Putting together some fabric bunting for a certain Miss 2's up coming birthday...

And have finally finished stitching together more felt donuts for the shop...

Hopefully will have the fabric bunting finished to show you soon (inspired by this).

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  1. ooooo I'm liking the fabric mix!

  2. Oh I love these flag thingiees. I never realised they had a proper name. They are going to look fab!! I also can't wait to get my girls a play kitchen so I can buy some of your yummy looking felt treats!!

  3. Oh wow, what a huge stack of bunting. Now that is going to look gorgeous once it's hung!

  4. Ban gave the girlies some of your fabulous donuts for Christmas. We all love them. You are so clever.
    Im with widge, i had no idea what those flag thingees were called.
    Now i know

  5. nice! your work is great. everything is soooo cute!!!
    (we must follow a lot of the same blogs, I keep seeing your face. love your blog. I am now following!)

  6. Oooohh, those donuts look yummy enough to eat! and I love what you're doing with the fabric! I was just going to make that the other day (and ran out of time)! We must think alike : )

  7. Anonymous5:15 am

    love the sweet
    you are such a craft this Miss Paisley Jade!

  8. Gorgeous bunting. Gorgeous. You are too clever. x

  9. I recognise some of that fabric... ;)


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