The Best Days Ever...

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last night hubby and I arrived home from the best two days we've had in years! My awesome parents offered to have our 4 kids for two days while we went away together to Auckland (NZ).

Now I know to some of you a trip to Auckland doesn't sound that exciting, but we felt like two little kids from the country as we explored all the shops on Queen Street, sampled different types of coffee, cuisine and bought ourselves little treats.  We gazed at old buildings and hung out in the Auckland library (which has free internet access I might add) and even got a secret peak at the revamped Auckland Town Hall.

We had no time limits, no demands... no one needing their bottom wiped or a snack to be made or the need to stop at every park that we passed. It was just us two together again - and we were actually able to hold hands and finish whole conversations with each other. It felt just like it was when we first met... and I once again realized why it is so important that we take time out as a couple to keep our friendship and love alive. We continually kept saying to each other, "This is the best day ever", and not because of what we were doing, but because we were together, just us (and probably also because we watch too much Spongebob).

My highlights of our trip would have to include discovering a little shop filled with Russian Dolls (and guess who bought me one!), exploring the tunnels at North Head, getting lost in the biggest and coolest bookstore ever, seeing my first 3D movie, buying rubber Ninja stars in a freaky shop filled with knives and numb-chucks, finding out that my husband is actually "Birdman", tasting one of my yummiest coffee's ever at ME (owned by my niece's fiancé... who is a top Barista in Auckland and roasting his own delicious Merito Espresso coffee). If you are ever in central Auckland you just have get a coffee from ME - it's here.  I also had my first Ristretto and Vienna coffees too (I'm a little obsessed with coffee I know).

Thanks so much to my sis-in-law Shelley for letting us stay at your place!  And we did miss our kids while we were gone... although another few days away wouldn't have gone amiss...

Here are a few photo's from our adventure...

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  1. Awesome!
    Love the photos, looks like you had such a good time.

  2. You both look so happy in these photos. Two whole days with no children, yep totally needed. I bet you just fell in love all over again. You both deserved a good

  3. YaY!! **
    What fun!

    So glad you love birds had a rockin' time!! Let the inner child came out to frolic & play!!


  4. symz looks just a wee bit scary eying up those coffees... hehe glad you guys had a good time away :)

  5. ou guys are awesome and so needed this! well done :)

  6. Sym should consider taking over this guy's Canon Safety Inspector job . . .

  7. That looked awesome. It's neat just having the time to be kidults and go exploring aye? I must find our where those russian dolls were...

  8. FUN! loving the last pic too, u look so in love awwwww :)

  9. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Supercool, I'm feeling your excitement! i would l-o-v-e a weekend off! I was one of the architects for the Auckland Library redevelopment (the new corner cafe and level 1 reading room extension), at the time (pre-kids) I thought nothing of spending a night or two every fortnight at a HOTEL in Auckland! But now, gimme gimme gimme! Congrats on making the most of it and having an awesome time! And you have inspired me to keep trying in my quest the grand-parentals to have my 3 darlings for a night or two... Happy New Year , x Lou

  10. Hey, you and your honey look so happy and cute!! I loved this post, on the eve of our own little trip to Melbourne. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I really enjoyed sharing in your fun. Loved the photos too, you look like two young, gorgeous teenagers xo

  11. Sounds so lovely. Making memories and remembering what its like to be people rather than parents...

  12. Vienna is my favourite kind of coffee!!! Coffee and cream are just made for each other!

    Love that you had so much fun... :)


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