My candy arrived!!!

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Woohooo - was I excited when my much awaited package full of candy arrived from Canada today!!!

Awhile back I joned in on The Great Candy Exchange which was the ingenius idea of Gail from Delightfylly Diva-ish.  I was paired up with the lovely Carmen from {FRESH}photo in Canada (do check out her amazing photos - she is one very clever girl).

Hubby knew what was in the box and promptly selected a couple of things for himself to sneak off with... and after a few tastes the box has been hidden away from any nosey kids until a more opportune time to sample it's delecacies!

Along with the sweets was a lovely card from Carmen and a beautiful drawing from her daughter.

Thank you  so much Carmen and also Gail for organising such a yummy idea.

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  1. That is such a fun idea!!!

  2. cool!!
    me and my partner have been a tad slakies and havent done it yet :o

  3. Anonymous8:08 pm

    oh yah!!!
    that is so cool
    Carmen is one of my girls...she is a gem
    so fun to receive packages from far away isn't it???
    everyone here was "weirded out" by the candy Amy from Haven space sent me...but mysteriously it still ALL disappeared!!!!

    hey cute watermelon shirt!!!

  4. Kudos to Gail!!! xoxox

    YaY for fun goodies that come via mail..Isn't so exciting and great!!

    You are too cute & lovely

    EnjOY your yummies dear lovely~ :)


  5. So fun! LOVE IT! (im doing a contest on my blog!)

  6. Jealous muchly. Still waiting.....

  7. oooooo yum, let me know when the next round is happening!!! thank you for your lovely comment xx what is the nicest thing in that box??

    Annie :) x

  8. I'd have to say that the smores were strangly yum when heated up in the microwave!!


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