Happy Birthday Barney Baloo...

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today is Barney Baloo's birthday... and while we normally don't make a big fuss on our pet's birthdays (because we have about 100 of them if you include the sea monkeys) I decided that Barney needed a little special pressy for his birthday this year... one of the reasons being that he is now a big 5 year old (which I think in cat years means he is in his mid thirties) and also because he is a big fluffy and hairy pain!

Big fluffy cat = big fluffy cat hairs everywhere.

Ever since we renovated our bedroom (with my special secret hideaway bench-seat) this big fluffy cat has decided that his favourite place to sleep is right on the black fabric of the bench seat cushion.

Every morning when I pull the curtains back I either find a fluffy mass sleeping on my favourite seat or  a big pile of cat fur intermingled with flea eggs and other night-exploration matter.

Well, thanks to my ingenious birthday gift - "the matching everything else paisley cat bed ", I can now learn to love Barney once again.  And I think he likes it too.

Happy Birthday Barney Baloo... I do love you, even if you look like you don't love me in this photo...

See Barney's birthday last year here.

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  1. awww
    man I'd need a paisley pillow that covers the entire lounge to keep the fur, dirt and all other things our boy leaves behind at bay..
    what a cool present though, totally one-upped the tuna cake from last year

  2. Betty - Is 'the boy' Dan?

  3. aww what a lucky cat he is. happy birthday barney baloo!

  4. See, fur and flea eggs, this is why we don't have cats. We have a dog instead and she can keep both fur and flea eggs outside.

    Good idea!

  5. ew. flea eggs. gag.

    nice pillow though.

  6. loving that paisley!!

  7. Aww, what a great present! :)

  8. Hi there!
    I'm not a cat lover at all (terrible experiences with one particularly annoying cat), but i do love reading YOU. Thanks for sharing your life, love how you live life and bake! Thanks, Sarah

  9. Anonymous4:02 am

    He is precious!! I love cats well, animals in general! He's great! :0) Happy Birthday little buddy!

  10. Ah, my fellow cat lover, posts like this make my heart sing! I LOVE cats and Barney Baloo looks like a very special cat indeed. Happy Birthday Barney Baloo!


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