Friend are precious...

By PaisleyJade - Monday, December 21, 2009

Today I had one of my close and special friends over to visit (along with her very cute boys).

Anya and I don't get to catch up as much as we would like (due to a rather large chunk of ocean separating us) - so it has been extra special to spend time together while she is over visiting her family for Christmas!

The kids hit it off rather well (we already have a couple of arranged marriages sorted between them all) and Anya suggested we sneak off to my special hiding place for a cup of tea while the kids all played together.

I suppose since Master 10 and Miss 5 helped take the photo's it isn't much of a secret anymore!

Love you lots Anya!!

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  1. Looks like lots of fun! Love your hiding spot pics!! :)

  2. It was such fun catching up, love you lots too, it's always just like it was yesterday we last chatted when we catch up. I love your place, the chickens and green eggs, the kids, the tramp! the chocolate cake, the iced coffee, the amazing hubby bashing away at some creation or other and especially the secret hiding place! You are an awesome family. xx

  3. What a gorgeous bedroom your girls have!! bummer about your secret hiding place being revealed ;)

  4. How lovely. It looks like you two had lots of fun!

  5. Anonymous9:42 pm

    you girls are so sneaky!!!
    yes, I concur with Widge...great bedroom!!!

  6. How wonderful to get to catch up with a friend who lives so far away. I tried that arranged marriage thing with my girls, too, but it didn't work out. Oh well, they chose well for themselves anyway.

  7. awww how lovely.

  8. I Love the Dora bed! How very awesome :) Looks like a fun and relaxing day xx


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