The Big Day Out!

By PaisleyJade - Monday, December 07, 2009

Today us 'country bumpkins' travelled to Auckland for an awesome family day out... my lovely parents decided a while ago that they wanted to shout our whole family to the Auckland Zoo and Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World!

We don't go to the Zoo very often, so this was a major treat, especially for Miss 2 who has never been there before.  The last time we went to Kelly Tarlton's was around 8 years ago when we only had one child... and he had a major tantrum on the floor while everyone just stared at him and us... we had never been back since.

So today was rather special.  My parents really enjoyed it as well... and during our trip my dad just happened to mention that he once went fishing with Kelly Tarlton!

The kids were wonderfully well behaved (which to be honest was rather surprising) and everyone had such a good time... thanks so much Dad & Mum!!

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  1. Anonymous1:07 am

    Family days out are so fun...especially when you get to go somewhere special!

  2. wow you were brave to do them both in the same day! Good fun

  3. Wow, what great pictures! And what a fun day! That kind of stuff is always so much fun. Especially when it's something rare, which it is for us too. :)

  4. I wish I could have been there. You look so warm! It looks like a fantastic place to take the family.


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