Things I'm loving...

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here are a few things that I'm loving at the moment...

The excitement that a few Christmas lights can bring. We were out late on Sunday night after having been to the Christmas Concert at our church, so we decided to take the kids on a quick drive around some of the Christmas lights in the area - Miss 2 was SUPER excited. It is starting to become one of our family traditions - much to hubby's delight (said with slight sarcasm).

Receiving packages in the mail... like this cute little Gratitude Journal that I won over at Sweet Tidings - thanks Christy!!  Check out her cute packaging too.

My super cool Dad who recently took part in his surf club's annual dress up Christmas doo (thanks to Micro for the great photos).  This year he was a businessman surfing with his laptop bag, pink suit and newspaper (laminated of course).  My Uncle was also dressed up as a shark (you might be able to spot him in the link).  My favourite is the guy with the pirate ship surfboard.

Totally loving Owl City thanks to the very cool Stephen Garton's recommendation!  Check out the website and have a listen... I could listen to it all day.

And I am loving the fact that a couple of pressies put under the Christmas tree a few days early are bringing so much excitement to the house!  There has been some shaking and guessing... rather expensive guesses too.  I don't have the heart to tell them that they are only cheap mini packets of cereals... oh well.

I hope you all have a great week - and find some things to love and be thankful for no matter what your life is like at the moment (just as my friend Arna recently wrote).

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Cracking up at your dad and the guy with the pirate ship surfboard. Classic!

  3. Anonymous6:52 am

    oh loven' all of this was well!!!
    your dad and uncle completely cracken me up right now!!!!
    and don't worry Kristy, they will love the cereal boxes
    Merry Christmas to you and your lovley family....see you in the New Year....via blog that is lol

  4. Loving the surfing Dad with Laptop :) xxx

  5. I love driving around and looking at Christmas lights! Love what you're sharing today! :)

  6. Anonymous9:37 am

    those surfing pics are the coolest EVER. what WICKED waves too! where was it again??! I need to go there!

    Love the 'boxes of cereal' I totally did that one year... mine were actually saved from the dump... but thats another story... lol
    Yay for being excited about Christmas :)

  7. good work! Dave is so NOT the drive around and look at Christmas lights person either! I so AM! So I'm not sure who's going to win that argument in a few years.... I'd say it'll be Lily...
    flutterring eyes - "oh, Daddy - PLEASE!!" much to my delight ;-)

  8. Your dad puts the entireness of COOL into COOL. He's awesome!


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