Favourite Things Friday...

By PaisleyJade - Friday, December 11, 2009

A few things I a loving at the moment...

These pics of the animals we saw during our big trip last Monday...

Listening to Switchfoot's latest album, "Hello Hurricane"...

Letting the girls decorate the Christmas tree with their toys before getting out the 'proper' decorations...

Letting the kids help me decorate the Christmas tree (despite secretly wishing I could do it all by myself)...

This paisley Christmassy fabric I found!!!

What are you loving at the moment??

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  1. Is that a long haired pig at the top? I love it!!!

    The toy decorated tree looks like fun! And I love your kid decorated Christmas tree! My mom always let us help too. You seem like such a good mom.

    What am I loving at the moment?
    The long haired pig!!! :)

  2. Hello tea... yes it is a kuni kuni pig (was at the zoo)... I love pigs so much (used to collect toy ones as a child) and I especially love kuni kunis!!

  3. haha i let my kids decorate the tree too and had to bite my tounge (and have a wee re arrangement when they were all in bed)! but they did most of it. we have a "kids tree" this year too, a small one with all their homemade decorations on it in our dining room.

    Cool pic of the album.

  4. yeah, we've chucked a small tree in the kids room for all their decorating needs. It changes daily and is looking rather empty today.

    Love those pigs at the zoo. So BIG!

  5. I would have given anything for help with decorating my tree!!! My husband laughed when he saw me decorating it and said, "I'm glad you like doing that." I replied, "What makes you think I like it?" He was like, "Oh, I thought you did." I was like, "Uh, no!" Bah Humbug!! No, really I'm not that grumpy about Christmas, but for some reason this year I just don't have the decorating bug. I am going to do a post about what little I have done though.

  6. I love pigs too! I'll have to remember that - kuni kuni. They are so cute I wish I could have one for a pet! :)

  7. Anonymous10:08 am

    hehe, I love the fact that there are plastic random animals all over your tree. like, a Christmas lizard.... lol and the REAL meercats are sooo cute.
    You just have to let the kids go loose with the tree at Christmas don't ya. especially when they come home from school with all the lovely decorations the LOVELY teachers have let them make.... hmmmmm


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