Favourite things Friday - Family version

By PaisleyJade - Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm totally loving these things at the moment... 

The secret stash of pistachio nuts in my bag...

That someone was thoughtful and brought home a little chocolate rose yesterday (and then ate half of it)...

That same someone tried to teach my boys how to put spagetti up their noses to pull out of their mouths last week (maybe I don't love this thing that much)...

Kids getting creative with paints (and me not freaking out about the mess)...

More beach trips (even though it's been rather overcast)...

The many uses for boxes...  

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  1. Aw, your new blog look- looks nice and fresh! I like I like. :)

    Love your Friday Fave..
    mmm chocolate roses!!

    *hugs n' love*

  2. My parents ran a boys foster home when i was growing up and the spaghetti trick featured regulary :) ew the worst one though waas milk through their tear ducts blaaaaah so gross!
    our week has been similar with over cast beach visits and painting experiences too. one day of hols left for us!!

  3. Wish it was a bit overcast here.... been to hot to do much!

    Love this. Boxes are a gift!

  4. hehe simon is such a fun dad. Your dining room looks fab too.

  5. spaghetti = nose floss

  6. Looks like lots of fun things, and a little gross thing! I remember boys at school doing that. Eww and turning their eye lids inside out. Remember that?! :)

  7. hi kristy! i love your new blog look!

    I don't know about the spaghetti trick. It looks dangerous. ;)

  8. Haha Christina - me and my brother used to turn our eyelids inside out all the time!! Total flashback.

  9. Congratulations on the artsy-chic new look to your inspiring blog! :) Power to PaisleyJade!

  10. b-a-r-f...lol, I hope my boys dont do that with there spagettie! Your family is awsome

  11. looks like you have some fun at your house! Nice pics.

  12. Such great memories are being formed in your household. I think I've said this before on your blog.

  13. Loving the new look blog. Ew yuck...I have never seen the spaghetti trick and think I will pass. Mmmm pistachios - to be truly secret I preshell mine so I can just pop them straight in! x

  14. Nice new look Kristy!
    And I like what I can see of your dining room too...not so much the Nose Floss!

  15. LOL I too have secret stashes :) in my handbag :)

    Ohhh!!! I was gonna say how nice to get a rose and a chocolate one at that until you wrote that it was half eaten :(

    gross spagetti story
    sometimes men are just another child arent they :)

    great photos

  16. Yuck! -the spaghetti.

    The rest looked fun! :)

  17. Thanks guys - it is fun living here with my crazy hubby (you can tell he's been a youth pastor for ages can't you!).

    We've just recently finished renovating our dining room - loving it!

  18. Hehe! Loving the fact that he ate half the rose, bit grossed out by the spaghetti though!

    And love the use of the box! :) What great memories.

  19. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I've had a look around your site and it looks great. I'll be coming back!

  20. A secret stash is good - us Mum's are the biggest time 'sharers' that ever lived - right down to our bods to grow our babies in - so it's a good thing to have our own little treats on the sly sometimes! My current indulgence is Cherry Ripe bars - yum!


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