Things I'm loving Thursday...

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here are a few things I am loving at the moment...

These things that my darling bought for me while on our trip away...

My two special boys and two darling girls...

The new deck (and the many happy times ahead to be spent on it)...

Another lovely gift from him.  Go here to read my reviews of her other books on Flannelgraph.

The fact that Miss 2 had the courage to sit nicely for the dental nurse yesterday despite being rather scared after previous medical fears (I think the cool glasses they gave her to wear helped!).

And the fact that the giant granny square blanket is actually finished! (will post about it soon)...

What are you loving??

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  1. cool items I especially like the photos of your chn

    wtg Miss 2 :) very brave

    I like the glasses I like butterflies :)

  2. All very lovely things!!!!

  3. Nesting dolls are fun!

    Great photos!

  4. CUTE glasses. She is looking very serious in the chair.

  5. aww whats not to love? I really like your deck, and doll, and blanket! And of course your kids are absolutly adorable. Too fun (:

  6. The picture of your daughter with the adorable butterfly glasses is just precious!!!!

  7. Anonymous7:39 pm

    loving that nesting doll and how about those glasses...she cracks me up you little Miss!!!

  8. Absolutely loving that softie - hee heee tooo funny! And those glasses on your youngest Miss! Hillarious!!!

    Loving laughing like a loon, ice lollies in the heat, the smell of roast in the oven....

  9. Anonymous9:17 pm

    2 girls, 2 boys. perfect familial symmetry. how did you manage it?

  10. I'm loving your birthday tradition that you shared with me. Very cool! Having loving comments and a prayer said for them would make any kid (and adult) feel extra special on their birthday!

  11. You have a great list of things you are loving! I can see why you would include each of the things and people you pictured.

  12. ha what on earth is that doll thing with the googelie eyes??? I want one tehe

  13. stoked the deck is finished too and beautiful pics as usual!


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