Back to reality...

By PaisleyJade - Friday, January 15, 2010

After having the coolest time away we are back in the land of reality... reality being 5 full-on kids on holiday (one of the boys had a friend stay) while we are in the middle of building a deck and toilet training.  My heart has also been burdened for the people of Haiti.

As I sit on the half finished deck, children yelling at each other and a pink potty full of wees, I can't help but let my thoughts drift back to our time away... so in keeping with "Flashback Friday" tradition, let us flashback to a couple of days ago...

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  1. Coolness, you guys need to come down to Auckland more often :) Greatest city in the world! (I say ;)!
    So you found Borders..... ? Mark and I used to spend HOURS in there... pre kids of course!

  2. Yes - Borders was AWESOME!!! Wouldn't dare to enter it with all 4 of our kids though.

  3. Anonymous8:39 pm

    oh lovely - trip away with no children - that is bliss. Kristy, you always look great. very impressive! Happy New Year to you fellas x

  4. So cool getting away! and I think it's weird when you (well I anyway) get back and straight into it all again. It's like you feel refreshed and have appreciated them (kids) but then you want more of that feeling to last but they are still the same and it's still crazy!!! well thats what is was like for me after we had our wee night away if that makes ANY sense AT ALL....Borders sounds awesome!
    Did you see avatar?
    love the pics of that old buliding thingiee.
    and one more thing, your husband looks exactly like your youngest girl!!!!

  5. The 4th photo looks like Bilbo Baggins should be living there . . . except the door isn't round and it looks completely different. Still!

  6. Hey Kristy, thanks for your comments etc. Hey I know you guys have been away so when Symon gets a chance, get him to check his phone. Kev gave him a call a couple of days ago to catch up with him - would be good.

  7. It looks like you and your hubby are very happy! You deserve to be happy. You are a very kind person who always leaves the best and most encouraging comments. Thanks

  8. The last one 3D glasses? lol that pic is awesome


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