By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am loving the Christmas holidays!  To be honest, there have been quite a few moments where we would have loved to send our kids right back to school, but apart from those moments, some great memories have been made.

Surprisingly, there have also been a few 'makings' happening in amongst it all...

Two Christmas stockings for the boys (I made these for the girls two years ago).  I found two very cheap felt stockings and made two cute gingerbread men from Twinkie's book to sew onto them and also added a felt letter for each of the guys names.   

A few more amigurami cupcakes have been added to the shop...

and a black crochet phone cover for Symon's new (free) phone...

Four more sleeps until Christmas!

For more makings click here

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  1. SUPER CUTE gingerbread men!!

  2. You have some super cute family members!

  3. I love your gingerbread men, they are adorable.
    Have a great xmas. xx

  4. I love the gingerbread men!
    I made my other half a black crochet phone case for his iPhone and it looks exactly the same as yours! Except mine is looking a bit tired and dog eared now, as he uses it every single day! But I think that's the sign that a handmade item is loved and appreciated :-)

  5. That gingerbread man is great. I've requested Twinkie's book for Christmas- can't wait.Cx

  6. Those amigurami cupcakes are so cute!!! Merry Christmas xx

  7. Ooh, love what you've been making! I just whipped up a little crochet i-Pod cover for my hubby yesterday, as well :o)

    Merry Christmas to you as well!

  8. Such cool ideas

    I have made Christmas tree ornaments to slip into my kid's stockings this year. It feels so nice to make for them, not just 'buy' for them.
    Maybe this will be one of my new traditions.
    Merry Christmas to you and your gorgeous family. Take care :-)

  9. I echo the previous comments about how cute the gingerbread men are, and how well the stockings turned out.

    I also think Jaz's homemade christmas ornament in the stocking, is a super cute idea!


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