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By PaisleyJade - Thursday, December 02, 2010

Christmas is in the air!!  For the first time ever, Symon and I have pretty much finished our Christmas shopping (minus a few little things)! This is a serious miracle, as usually we are those crazy people who make shops, malls and supermarkets blocked up in the last week (especially if all six of us decide to go out shopping together). So feel free to thank me - I feel like we've really made a difference to society by freeing up the shops in our city ;)

So apart from loving that major thing this week, here are a few of the other things I'm loving at the moment...

Some of my precious birthday presents from dear friends and family...

Making more crochet cupcakes...

Someone emailing me and telling me that they were going to make my Mustache cake for their Movember Party! Crack me up - what a cool idea!

That my hubby's eye is better!  Somehow while he was sweeping out his shed, something got in his eye that gave him a chemically burned cornea.  Thankfully (big thanks to you guys who were praying) the Doctor was surprised at how quickly his eye healed up (he confessed that he was rather worried).  Yay!  He did make a cute pirate though.

Bundaberg Burgundee Creaming Soda - this is seriously delicious!

Putting up the Christmas tree last night... by myself... while the kids were in bed (and couldn't beg to hang up all the old, mismatched and broken ornaments).  I felt rather sneaky - but have decided I will create a new family tradition of mummy 'surprising' the kids with the tree all done when they wake in the morning (shhhh - don't tell them I'm being a control freak!).

Also loving this cute as ornament that arrived in the mail from this special lady... 

Here's hoping you are finding tonnes of things to be thankful for, even though this time of year can be rather stressful.


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  1. LOL! I love that you did the tree to "surprise" the kids. I seriously contemplated taking everything off the tree when the kids were at school, just so it "looked" right. I resisted the urge...only because it would have been too much work;-) I resorted to just moving a few around.

  2. awesome.the whole but. laughed out loud at your Bundaberg pic...yummm creaming soda...will have to get me some of that! and that tree ornament is so you p.j! beanie and all :)
    oh yeah and that calendar looks cooooool

  3. I am loving the idea of 'surprising' the kids with the tree.. total control freak here too.
    Love that calendar. and your cupcakes are so cool.

  4. Funny you are surprising your kids! I wonder how long it will last :p I loved decorating the tree as a kid!

    So glad your husband is much much better :)

  5. Yummy list! I like yo' style, girl!

  6. major christmas shopping envy!!! i am a squillion years away from being done (so many crafty things to make instead! that's the problem...i'm like you hiding behind your door doing a secret bit o craftin while chaos reigns just beyond the hallway!! haha)
    and major praise about Symon's eye. phew!! eye injuries freak me out...

    happy December!!

  7. the cream soda picture;)

    Well good for you...I am sorta wishing I was the one to decorate our tree....L-Uck-ee:))

    (That cake is too funny:)

  8. Anonymous8:23 pm

    that ornament is ADORABLE!!!
    Glad the hubby retired from pirating...I was getting worried!!
    about the decorating of the my kids would not be impressed...well at least the youngest one!! lol
    you are funny

    love and light

  9. My hubster would like to know where you got the amazing creaming soda?!! Our Pak n Save in Lincoln Rd has no such thing!!!! Tell me you didn't import it.....

  10. I purchased the creaming soda from Woolworths... for those of you who can't resist!! Mmmmmmmm!

  11. Love that you did the tree yourself...great idea! I try so hard to not rearrange all their decorations, but I usually end up sneaking a few changes in here and there. What for, I don't know. Control issues clearly! Hope you had a wonderful birthday with your beautiful family. Meredy xo

  12. Got to try that soda - you and your hubbie should get a free crate for primo, awesome publicity!

    Laughed at the tree confession - I did it with my girls (but only have 2 children able to decorate), but was a but edgy and nervous and over suggestive as to where a good 'gap' might be for particular decorations! I think they picked up on my emotions as kinda left me too it after hanging a few up :) I did give them their own little $10 tree each with a bag of decorations so they could 'go wild'! Tee hee!

  13. love reading about what you are loving! :)

  14. I have planned our Christmas Tree appearing by surprise too! That probably doesn't surprise you...even with what little you know about me!

    My family used to dedicated one of our weekly family nights to decorating it together...but we were a bit older...and fights still ensued over particular decorations...hahaha. Our tradition may evolve, but for now, I'm with ya on the, "SURPRISE!" Waking up to a lit up tree is tops. Right!? RIGHT!?

  15. Anonymous1:25 am

    A fabulous post and so glad your husband is all better, I am very jealous that you have all your Christmas shopping done, we don't get paid until Christmas Eve, I have never been this behind before.
    I am LOVING that calender it is totally awesome xxx


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