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By PaisleyJade - Thursday, December 30, 2010

Each year seem so go by so fast, but when you actually stop and take account of what has happened during your year it's amazing how much actually goes on! Seriously - this is one of the main reasons I blog, to record precious memories and learn to be thankful for every single day.

With 2011 just a breath away, here is my annual year in review (probably more for my sake than yours - feel free to skip to the end).

Spent two amazing days away with my love, and also had tonnes of simple summer family fun (here, here and here).  Had to ban hubby from riding the new bike (but he was still sneaky), attended our friends beautiful vintage wedding, and discovered shortbread buttons!  Makings included this cool doorstop, bunting, and finally finishing my giant granny square blanket!!!

Celebrated our youngest daughter's 3rd birthday, discovered licorice slice (oh my!), got to hang out with some super precious people here and here,   Made my first ever crochet mobile phone cover, and revealed to you all how crazy my family really is.


Shared the story of my brother's death (and was so touched by your comments ♥), had a fun girls night out, and entered into a mustache crazy week which included: making mustache napkins, a mustache cake and having the coolest ever mustach party in honour of my mustache clad Dad! Discovered Marmalade Tart and Apple Berry Crumble Cake. Made some cute softies - including a new design - the Robot Softie!!


I started thinking about going into business as a toilet tour guide,  Celebrated our darling daughter's sixth birthday with the coolest cake (made by her dad), and realised that juggling life wasn't easy as I'd thought. Made a fabulous granny neck warmer, inherited a unicycling husband, and discovered that we might be travelling to Israel!!!   Bakings & makings included Congo Bars, my first ever slouchy beanies along with a few blunders.  We also got to meet the Prime Minister of New Zealand (and eat yummy stuff on the way home).

Celebrated birthdays galore - son, husband, the Queen and my Mum.  Had my camera die at the worst time, made heaps of beanies,  and delicous things like Pinwheel Scones, and Chocolate Rough Slice.  Got some great parenting tips from Diane Levy and finally realised that I really am living the dream life.

Took some very needed special time out with my girls and boys, revealed that things aren't always as they seem at our place, made some super cute fluffy bunny softies, and went on the search for some willing models. Then we embarked on the adventure of a lifetime - our journey to Israel!!

Arrived home from Israel and loved being back home, went to our niece's beautiful wedding, went public with my crochet.  Makings included: flower beanie, lemon honey, and a custard tart!

Made a crochet garden scarf, celebrated Father's Day, and decided to write about our journey through miscarriages (not realising how many of you would be touched, your comments moving me too).  Celebrated all the craft nerds out there, loved being a part of FeltAid,  and had out best family fun night ever!! Makings included: Semolina Balls, softies, beanies and licorice allsorts and finishing my Granny Stripe blanket!!  I celebrated the amazing guy I'm married to, Mr Drake and welcomed a special new dog into our home, Boo.

New KMB site launch, with our little Miss a star for a few weeks, the boys went on their "Big Weekend Away", our special boy's birthday, the Crochet Menace made another appearance, we had an amazing youth camp and a princess fun day.  Makings included: Reggae beanie,  Banoffi Pie, Crochet Coffee Cup sleeve, more fluffy bunnys and the octo phone cover.

Enjoyed free fireworks,  made a crochet baseball cap and my first ever amigurami cupcake!!!  I realised that there were quite a few things they forgot to tell me about motherhood, grieved with the rest of New Zealand, had a really awesome birthday weekend, and shared my secret potato salad receipe.

Had a pirate for a husband, overindulged in Peppermint Bark, was given the most thoughtful and coolest pressy, shared some Christmas tips, indulged in Christmas traditions as a family (including this cool as cake), and had the most awesome Christmas with family and friends.  Makings included crocheting more cupcakes, crochet gingerbread men, as well as some real gingerbread,


I am so thankful to God for life, and every single day that goes by. Here's to a wonderful 2011, filled with lots of laughter, loving and living.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Last years year in review post here.

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  1. Hope you don't mind but I am going to steal this idea!!!
    What a year you have had! Thanks for the Inspiration all year round!

  2. Oh man, you're so great for itemising the year!! Mine had 9 months without a husband so it was a bit bleak, thank goodness for 4 happy children & craft to keep me busy. Love Posie

  3. What an amazing year you had! I wish that 2011 is even more spectacular.

  4. Anonymous2:24 am

    That's it I am totally in Love with your blog, your family and your cakes! I must have clicked on nearly every link on this post and you are such a wonderful, loving family and it is so precious to see. I love nothing more than taking time out to see happy families who value the important things in life and share those values with everyone else in the most simple of ways.
    Big hugs to you all and hope you have another fabulous year, can't wait to share it :)

    P.S I really want a softie robot :)

  5. YOU have one SUPER AWESOME AMAZING family there!!!!!!
    I'm so glad I've met you through here...and sorry I missed such an awesome year. Looks like it's been spectacular!!!
    Great post!
    Happy cheers for another New Year ahead!!!!
    (And that Licorice thingy....I'm stealing that for today:) Licorice is my ABSOLUTE weakness......(good thing I make NO resolutions for new years....:)

  6. I stumbled upon your blog and I am so in love with it. What a beatiful family with a beatiful life! And yes, I read every single month of your wonderful projects. So inspiring! Looking forward to your posts in the future and have a happy new year!

  7. What a lovely post and wonderful year you have had. Hope 2011 is just as wonderful, if not better. Cx

  8. Happy New Years!! Thanks for sharing your awesome blog this year I have throughly enjoyed it :-) Hope there are more to come next year :-)

  9. Like your blog and your work!

    I'm following you.


  10. i love this and i totally agree with all seems to go so fast but then when you look we really pack a lot into those days and months and moments!

  11. I hope you have a wonderful new year!! ♥

  12. love your blog and your always smiling face
    happy 2011
    look forward to continuing to follow your blog and your family

  13. Oh this was sooooo much fun!!!! I loved reading this and remembering those posts along with you!!

    Happy New Year to you!

  14. Holy moly Mrs! You must have needed a lie down with an iced tea after all that linkage!

    Wishing you and your (obviously gloriously nutty) family every sort of fabulous for 2011...

  15. Anonymous10:06 pm

    you are AWESOME!!!
    love to you Kristy!
    Happy New Year

    love and light

  16. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.
    What a great way to sum up the past year, I am finding that blogging is such a great way to find inspiration from other crafty Mums!
    The liqorice slice looks amazing. Definitely on my to do list!
    Becky x

  17. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.
    I love your month by month review, I still have so much more to check out on your amazing blog! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. I know I'm a complete stranger to you and your family. But I have followed your fab blog for some of 2010 and it has made me smile so many times.

    Thanks for making me feel normal, or silly or a good mum, or a crazy mum, or a great baker, or a mistake maker, a wanna be crafter. Thanks for opening my eyes on many occasions and appreciating my own family and life. Blogging and reading about other's journeys through life is sooo reassuring and fascinating.
    So thanks, and best wishes for this wonderful new year ahead :-)

  19. First, thank you so much for stopping by and your kind comments! Second, I know I've seen you commenting elsewhere - Piece of Cake maybe? Widge's blog? It's late and I've had some wine, who knows - but I'm SO GLAD you stopped by! Anyone who crochets and has an addiction to Peppermint Bark is a friend of mine :) - really - I'm trying to not eat the last few pieces of bark & save them for my kids. Anyway - Happy New Year!!! I'm sure I'll be back to see what fab things you're posting in the new year :)

  20. Hey, loved the 2010 roundup - what a full and rich year you have had in so many ways.

    I'm looking forward to following all your exploits and to see what God has in store for you all through 2011!

  21. Busy busy year!
    Jasher is getting so tall!!!! Is he taller than you???


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