Anniversary Bliss

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, April 08, 2010

Today we arrived home from 2 nights away (without kids) in celebration of our wedding anniversary - 14 years of togetherness!

My darling mum offered to have the 4 kids for two nights and my amazing Aunty and Uncle let us stay in their beach house.  Check out the view from the lounge window...

We had the coolest time together, which of course had to include exploring old ruins and WW2 guy stuff. The scenery was amazing, and we were shocked at how much spare time there is in the day when you don't have 4 little humans to look after (but we wouldn't trade them for the world).

He still makes me laugh... and I can still beat him at scrabble (well, the 'Take Two' version).

So thankful that we met each other all those years ago.

Happy Anniversary honey!!!  xox

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  1. Happy anniversary dear! 14 years! WOW! And you don't look a day over 20.

  2. Happy Anniversary! That place is awesome i remember going there years ago!

  3. Nice work guys! Still being able to make each other laugh is definitely a good sign!!!! Today is my Mum & Dad's 49th Wedding Anniversary! I am so glad they are still together and clearly love each other heaps! And can still make each other laugh too!!!

  4. happy anniversary, looks like a fabulous time away!

  5. Looks like a great time! Beautiful pics!! Happy Anniversary!!! :)

  6. Great photos. Happy Anniversary!!

  7. Anonymous3:40 am

    Oh, how sweet. I have enjoyed coming across your blog and reading about your journey as a Mom and follower of Christ.

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! Sounds like a wonderful marriage!

  9. Happy Anniversary!! Looks like a great time away. 14 years - very cool xx

  10. bless your mum

    great photos

    pleased you were both able to have this time together :)


  11. Congratulations!

  12. Anonymous8:19 am

    Happy Anniversary
    Love that you got away with out the other 4 members!
    hey maybe hubby shoudl go into modeling if the pastor gig doesn't pan out!! hehehe
    love the pic of you and him...made me laugh

  13. CONGRATULATIONS on 14 years.
    That is SOOOO beautiful.

  14. congratulations on 14 years!!! that is a big accomplishment! you look like you have a TON of fun together. so glad you could get away to celebrate. oh, and you don't possibly look old enough to have been married 14 years... you must've gotten married at 19 or something (that's what i did and i wouldn't change it for anything!).

  15. Stunning photos! 14 years and 4 kids wow. I have two small boys and I love them more than anything but oh what I wouldn't do for a weekend away with my hubby. I enjoyed reading your blog.


  16. Congratulations!! 14 years is awesome!! (and makes you sound really old) ;)

  17. Ahhh, I love these pictures! The view is beautiful and what fun to spend two whole days together without any interruptions : )

    14 years! You guys rock!

  18. Awesome Kristy! Congrats to you guys; so cool he still makes you laugh; I think that's the secret ingredient isn't it?? Much Love from

  19. I'm glad to have stumbled onto your blog!! You & your hubby are too cute!!

  20. Awww happy anniversary!


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