Me and my thigh toner...

By PaisleyJade - Friday, April 23, 2010

 A slight flush of red still comes to my cheeks as I remember back to that fateful day...

For some strange reason my Mum and I were on a 'get fit with gadgets' phase many many years ago, and being the 'thigh conscious' teen that I was, I was super eager to head down to our local DEKA store to purchase the latest in the home exercise equipment range... the "Thigh Toner".  I was totally looking forward to have super slim thighs with this 'totally amazing and simple to use gadget'.

I can't quite remember why (maybe it was my thighs of steel), but for some reason the thigh toner broke and had to be returned to the store soon after it's purchase.

Now for those of you that don't know, I really am a rather shy person... the type of person whose nightmares include standing up in front of large groups of people or opening presents at parties with everyone staring. This  is something I am slowly overcoming, but as a teen it was still a rather large issue in my life.

So just imagine me standing in the isle of DEKA with my rather large Thigh Toner box hoping to quickly and discretely return my product, assuming it would take one quick and simple transaction to get a refund and slip out of the store.

To my horror the checkout person was new and they needed assistance to process a refund... so over the loud speaker they called out, "STAFF ASSISTANCE NEEDED IN ISLE 3, I HAVE A LADY WANTING TO RETURN A THIGH TONER AND NEED STAFF ASSISTANCE PLEASE".

Of course I was totally embarrassed - it felt like everyone in the whole shop stopped what they were doing and turned to have a good stare at the young lady returning her THIGH TONER.


So the moral to this story?

1. Thigh toners aren't as great as they seem. 
2. I'm glad DEKA stores around anymore to remind me of that fateful day.
3. Always pick checkout people who look experienced when returning embarrassing items - like this lady below:

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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha. Thighs of steel. Nice!

  2. DEKA. Well. And they wonder why they went bust??? Quality! xx

  3. LoL. Too funny.

    You should see some of the Korean stuff for fitness over strange & funny!!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Good old DEKA aye. Funny!

  5. Anonymous6:51 pm

    crack me up!!!
    love it
    thighs of steel!!!

  6. i bought one of those ab thingies that you held on your abs and pulled in repeatedly.
    ....apparently these things only work if you actually USE them! :)
    i suspect that mine wasn't the only one to go the landfill ways (shame!)

  7. Anonymous7:07 pm

    ps first time EVER i went over to your hubby's blog and saw he had a write up about The book of Eli
    my hubby and i went to see it a while back...having no idea what it was really about...anyhoo
    we both LOVED it and I can't wait till it comes out on video so I can see it is a very intricate story
    but I will not go on and on about it...
    just know that your Canadina bud and he hub give it 4 yup count them,$ thumbs up!!!

  8. thigh toner!! HAHAHA. hilarious! My own embarrasing story re Deka was my aunt taking me there and catching me eyeing up those little girl crop-tops/knickers (I was about 12), and offerring to buy it for me! I was so embarrased I said no - but I really wanted it! lol. I got a flowery dress instead :( lol

  9. confession: i used to have a thigh toner (i wish i knew what happened to it) and i adored it. i used it all the time and had some fabulous thighs. : )

  10. Nice one! I did the wghole cellulite vanisher cream on my thighs when I was a teenager ....was I mad? What sort of cellulite could I have possibly had when I was 16???

  11. I want a thi toner! LOL. Hillarious!


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