Bright beanies

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, April 01, 2010

Two bright beanies finished!

A big thanks to my model 'Miss 3' - it's a pity that most of her photos were of weird faces and strange poses... at least I found one that was slightly usable... only slightly...

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  1. Oooh they're fabulous. So bright and happy! No wonder Miss 3 is pulling funny faces.

  2. I love PaisleyJade!!!

  3. Wow !!! Great beanies, they are very cool.

  4. I am in love with these beanies! I love the colors alot, they are very happy beanies. Well done you talented woman! xxx

  5. THey ARE way cool! You are sooo clever my friend :)

  6. Gorgeous! Makes me want to have another little baby girl, just so I can accessorise.

    "Our ability to accessorise is what separates us from the animals" Steel of my favourite lines ever from a movie.

    Happy Easter to you and your lovely ones. Meredy xo.

  7. SoOO loVelY~!
    Your little babe looks too darling!

    Did you make those?

    So Wonderful!

  8. Anonymous4:45 am

    oh oh oh oh oh oh!!!
    me please me please can I have one of those cutie little beanies?????

    i am not joking...will you make those in "big" people sizes?? keep in mind I am a Hobbit...but then again my mane of haie does make up for any lack of height I have....anyways these are so so so so so so very cute I really would love to get my hot hands on one or two....

    oh making any for little boys too???

  9. Anonymous4:46 am

    little Miss is ADORABLE!!!
    even with the silly face....I oudl just squish those little cheeks!

  10. These are so FAB! I LOVE how bright and happy they are! And your little Miss 3 looks adorable!!

  11. SO cute!! i could picture one of these on my little cousin

  12. "Our ability to accessorise is what separates us from the animals" - totally loving that quote!!

    Cat - I have a rather large list "to make" but once I've got through it we will see what we can do for your lovely head with gorgeous hair!!

  13. They are so cute!! I love the flowers! :)

  14. Anonymous12:30 pm

    thank you thank you thank you Kristy
    I dub you Crafting Godess
    when you get done your list, we will talk
    with a price tag of course...I love to pay for talent!!!!

  15. bright, cheerful, I love it!

  16. I love the bright,happy colors and the gorgeous flowers on your beanies.. so pretty!

  17. i just left a message...gone..

    what I was saying is that you are so very talented, knitting, baking, great pics, LOVE it!!

    hugs to you for a lovely easter weekend

  18. I LOVE them! They make me really happy. I think we need some of them around here to cheer us up over the long cold winter ahead. X

  19. beautiful :)

    LOVE the colours

    do make adult sizes???

  20. Hi Jen - I have done in the past... it really just depends on if I get time. Keep an eye out and as we enter winter I may get the crochet bug to make more!!


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