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01 April 2010

Bright beanies

Two bright beanies finished!

A big thanks to my model 'Miss 3' - it's a pity that most of her photos were of weird faces and strange poses... at least I found one that was slightly usable... only slightly...


  1. Oooh they're fabulous. So bright and happy! No wonder Miss 3 is pulling funny faces.

  2. I love PaisleyJade!!!

  3. Wow !!! Great beanies, they are very cool.

  4. I am in love with these beanies! I love the colors alot, they are very happy beanies. Well done you talented woman! xxx

  5. THey ARE way cool! You are sooo clever my friend :)

  6. Gorgeous! Makes me want to have another little baby girl, just so I can accessorise.

    "Our ability to accessorise is what separates us from the animals" Steel of my favourite lines ever from a movie.

    Happy Easter to you and your lovely ones. Meredy xo.

  7. SoOO loVelY~!
    Your little babe looks too darling!

    Did you make those?

    So Wonderful!

  8. oh oh oh oh oh oh!!!
    me please me please can I have one of those cutie little beanies?????

    i am not joking...will you make those in "big" people sizes?? keep in mind I am a Hobbit...but then again my mane of haie does make up for any lack of height I have....anyways these are so so so so so so very cute I really would love to get my hot hands on one or two....

    oh making any for little boys too???

  9. ps
    little Miss is ADORABLE!!!
    even with the silly face....I oudl just squish those little cheeks!

  10. These are so FAB! I LOVE how bright and happy they are! And your little Miss 3 looks adorable!!

  11. SO cute!! i could picture one of these on my little cousin

  12. "Our ability to accessorise is what separates us from the animals" - totally loving that quote!!

    Cat - I have a rather large list "to make" but once I've got through it we will see what we can do for your lovely head with gorgeous hair!!

  13. They are so cute!! I love the flowers! :)

  14. thank you thank you thank you Kristy
    I dub you Crafting Godess
    when you get done your list, we will talk
    with a price tag of course...I love to pay for talent!!!!

  15. bright, cheerful, I love it!

  16. I love the bright,happy colors and the gorgeous flowers on your beanies.. so pretty!

  17. i just left a message...gone..

    what I was saying is that you are so very talented, knitting, baking, great pics, LOVE it!!

    hugs to you for a lovely easter weekend

  18. I LOVE them! They make me really happy. I think we need some of them around here to cheer us up over the long cold winter ahead. X

  19. beautiful :)

    LOVE the colours

    do make adult sizes???

  20. Hi Jen - I have done in the past... it really just depends on if I get time. Keep an eye out and as we enter winter I may get the crochet bug to make more!!


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