Baking 101

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, April 17, 2010

I have always wanted to raise my boys to be "House Trained" sons (see here and here).   But to be honest, life can get so busy sometimes that it is just way easier to tell everyone to "keep out of the kitchen", "I'll do it myself", "don't touch that!" etc.

Would you believe I used to teach 6 & 7 year olds cooking classes?  I must have had way more patience back then.

So today I decided to let Master 10 move from making himself hot drinks and toast to baking all by himself (with my eagle eye right next to him of course).

We had the most awesome time together in the kitchen (he decided to wear his great great grandmother's apron) and I was really impressed by his enthusiasm and skill - except for when he had a swig of the vanilla essence.

He made Chocolate Chips biscuits (using this recipe but with condensed milk instead of the coffee syrup) and they are honestly the nicest biscuits I have tasted in ages!!

He's already planning the next things he wants to make after scouring my Edmond's Cook book... cakes, cupcakes, muffins, donuts, slices... I feel like I'm in the Julie & Julia movie. 

The only problem now is that he thinks he can scoff all the biscuits because he made them.  Great.

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  1. Anonymous7:19 pm

    genius. brilliant idea to house train your sons. and to have someone else on hand to make the biscuits - they always taste better if you get a rest from doing it! if only someone would make the dinner at mine...

  2. They look so delicious!!

  3. That baking looks delicious. I think its Stephen Biddulph ("Raising Boys") who says that boys should be cooking a meal for their family regularly by the time they are 12. Two years to get into training - perfect!

    I'd keep an eye on the vanilla essence though!

  4. Yea for you!!! I am lucky that my husband started cooking a few years ago. Two of my three sons-in-law also cook quite a bit.
    Those biscuits look so good! I'd like to have one right now!

  5. "House Trained" sons are awesome
    I want this too for my sons

    "I used to teach 6 & 7 year olds cooking classes?" where?
    if in a classroom
    then its set up for it
    which i reckon makes a difference than ones own home

    good on you for letting Master 10 going for it :) always pays to have eagle eyes on though :)

    pleased you both had fun

    LOL Remind him who brought the ingredients :)

  6. Wonder how the vanilla essence tasted???? I have to buy GIANT bottles of the stuff as the hubs likes to give his hot milk a good glug of the stuff... must be a male thing!

  7. well done you on wanting to house train your sons... I am trying to do the same with mine :) their future wives will thank us. I just found your blog today, and I think its awesome.

  8. I'm planning to fully house-train my boys as well. I've all ready started scrapbooking recipe books for each of them to take when they leave home...and they are only 2.5 and 4 months! lol Those biscuits look great.

  9. I'm training mine too. The other night I wasn't feeling well and told them (half joking) to make our dinner but they actually did! easy pizzas and they thought they were soooo cool! My 8 year old has been very interested in cooking since he was little, he can make bacon and egg pie and lasagne with me supervising. yay! cos his Dad doesn't cook a thing!

  10. those look quite yummy!!

  11. hahaha! That's boy chefs for ya! What a cool thing to do; Love seeing your boy cooking... Me and Josh actually baked Jono's birthday cake together. i have pics! Love getting boys cooking. And LOVE the apron. xxx

  12. That's so great that you want your sons to do stuff like this.
    My little brother would like to bake....I think.

  13. Great Blog!! Your boys are so cute!

    How did you make your PaisleyJade Buttons? Love them!

  14. Sounds like fun! I can't wait to do things like that with my son when he's older. :)

  15. looks like so much fun and those look completely yum!

  16. 'Julie & Julia' movie - absolutely. That movie is actually what inspired me to blog in the first place!

  17. Yum, I haven't had Condensed Milk Biscuits in ages and his look so DELICIOUS!!! :)


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