Nandi's Paisley Aprons

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, June 24, 2008

While hanging my paisley aprons on the line, memories of my great-grandmother flooded back to me... these paisley aprons were once hers, and I am now proud to call them mine.

Unlike many people, I had the privilege of growing up near, and often visiting my great-grandmother. Nandi lived 5 houses down the road from ours, and I loved going down the road to visit her with my mum. Her house had that familiar "nana" smell... things always cooking on the stove, powders and perfumes... and Nandi was always glad to have visitors and offer a "cuppa" to anyone keen.

I loved exploring Nandi's place... there were always lots of little trinkets around, cute little ornaments, and my favourite was her jewellery box full of broaches, beads and earrings.

I also remember Nandi wearing her paisley aprons... I loved them! I wonder if this is where my love for paisley began?

So when Nandi passed away (many years ago), I was eager to have her paisley aprons passed on to me... and as I hung them out to dry today, I wondered if Nandi ever thought they would still be worn many years later, and loved, and hung up next to her great-great-granddaughters apron too!

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  1. Anonymous10:34 pm

    awww how sweet. I lived with my Grandmother for a while as a kid and she is 86 now and thinks I am crazy with my knitting, sewing and the like. But she enjoys seeing it I think!

  2. Oh My, those are GORGEOUS!!

  3. Wow love your blogs new look-awesome banner!!!!

  4. These aprons are LOVELY! The paisley is gorgeous. The butterflies are cute too though. LOVE them. Wear them with pride! :D

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