Passing the time while stuck in A&E

By PaisleyJade - Monday, June 16, 2008

Just home from spending the night in hospital with Mandrake Jr. after an asthma attack. We spent over 4 hours sitting in a room in A&E and finally got a bed for the night in the Children's Ward after 1am this morning.

Boy it's hard to help the time go by with all those white walls. I wasn't prepared to stay the night so next time I will remember to go prepared for the worst. The staff were great though - and Mandrake Jr. is doing fine.

I must also say that Mandrake coped really well at home with the other 3 kids - thanks honey!

Anyway... here are my 10 tips for passing the time while stuck in A&E (with your 6 year old!)...

1. Play "I spy" for a while (you will soon run out of things to spy after you have done the white walls, hospital bed, ceiling and curtains!)

2. Answer the endless questions about the smoke alarms and sprinklers on the ceilings

3. Let your son attempt to play the few games on your mobile phone

4. Kick yourself for not having any cool games downloaded on your mobile phone

5. Kick yourself for forgetting your toothbrush and paste

6. Have turns trying to beat each others peak flow meter reading

7. Stroke son's newly cut no.2 hair

8. Talk about the neck braces stacked on the shelf in the room and why people need them, how they are worn, who wears them... and every other question you can imagine would come regarding neck braces!

9. Make frequent outings to the toilet together for something exciting to do

10. Discover the children's toys and books in the hallway about 2 hours later


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  1. Take a bag of marbles to roll along that lovely long hospital corridor and then count how many visitors trip over them.


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