Coffee, Library and a Pink Doggy

By PaisleyJade - Monday, June 30, 2008

Today was one of those wonderful days... Symon had the day off, so we and the girls ventured into town. I was a bit sneaky and left Symon in the car with the girls while I popped into a couple of thrift shops and a fabric store and then bribed him into buying me a latte... mmmmmmmm... coffee!

Anyway, after picking the boys up from school in the afternoon, we all ventured into the library and spent over an hour reading and collecting stacks of books to take home (I do mean stacks... the pram was overflowing with books... so much so that the baby was nearly lost!). After dinner we all sat around the fire in the lounge and read... I read my craft and cooking books, Miss 4 read her doggy books and shared some of Master 6's cooking and cake decorating books, Master 9 devoured a Spiderman comic, and Symon studied a book on "Poisonous Creatures in the Natural World" and another on "gnomes"... we are all so different.

Miss 4 has been following in her father's footsteps (snigger snigger) and sewed (with a little help from mummy) a cute pink doggy today! I was really impressed with her patience and "give it a go" attitude. There was only one moment where she stormed off into the bedroom yelling "sewing is too hard!", but quite soon came back to give it another go.

I think it looks pretty amazing (thanks to daddy for sketching the doggy design!).

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  1. Whoah, that is some serious fuchsia! Which is apparantly also a genus of flowering plants along with a colour.

  2. oh i have to get me one of those...


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