Indiana Jones Cake

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Today my darling boy turned 9 years old!

It just feels like the other day he came into the world... our first child with all the unknowns that first time parenting brings - it's hard to believe where those 9 years have gone!

He had a wonderful day (and no doubt will write all about it on his blog sometime soon). He is mad about Indiana Jones, so Mandrake decided to design and make him an Indiana Jones birthday cake - and I was impressed! Very cool and yummy too. Well done Daddy!

I am really proud of my big boy - he's a lovely big brother to his 3 little siblings, very helpful (most of the time) and has an amazing imagination. It is exciting to see him growing up into such a "fine young man", as my Nana would put it.

I love you J!

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  1. Anonymous11:17 am

    That is an awesome cake.

    Happy Birthday~

  2. That is a very cool cake!

  3. All credit goes to hubby for this one!

  4. OH my that's a cute cake! LOVE it!

  5. Great cake!!!!! Well done Dad!

  6. Anonymous3:41 am

    Handsome young man with a great smile! And I have to agree that the cake is great too.


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