Thoughtful Mandrake

By PaisleyJade - Friday, June 20, 2008

Today I was so blown away by a very thoughtful Mandrake... popping into the fabric store (now that in itself is like a fish out of water) on the way back from dropping the boys to school, to choose a few pieces of fabric on the specials table as a surprise for me. The amazing thing is that two of them I had been eyeing up (during my sneaky visits now and then) but never got around to buying.

I find it hard to imagine him standing at the counter telling the lovely old ladies how much of each piece he wanted... maybe they thought he was into sewing...

So thanks so much Mandrake - a really nice surprise and really thoughtful.

I also just bought some paisley fabric (online) and silly me never sussed out the measurements... so I have no idea what I am going to do with heaps of tiny squares of paisley fabric... my love for paisley came first before logic... any ideas?? Might try a multi-patterned softie for fun! Maybe I should just leave the material shopping up to Mandrake??

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  1. plese can you make me another bunny!

  2. That is very thoughtful! My hubby told me he had looked into buying me a new sewing machine because of my frustrations with my old one! couldn't believe how thoughtful that was.
    Maybe you could make a quilt with all those small squares??? It would be very paisley - and it would be snapped up in a 2nd by your daughter, I'm sure!!!!! Anything I sew is taken like gold around here by Miss 4!

  3. I reckon he was in that store buying lace to put around the windows of his car and some of those stretchy curtain thingies to tie down his bonnet, but he felt guilty


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