What's up with men and flyspray??

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Okay - I just have to write this post right now, while the smell of flyspray is just about making me gag.... what is up with guys and flyspray?

From a young girl (to this present day) I have memories of my dad overdoing it with bugs and flyspray... ants, flys, bees, wasps, whatever the bug, if they entered our house, everyone was going to suffer. There was no waiting for the actual chemicals in the flyspray to kill the creature, they were going to be so covered in the stuff that they would drown before the chemicals took effect.

Darling Symon seems to have the same love affair with the stuff. For some reason he has had quite a few bad experiences with bugs... putting on a wetsuit for a surf, only to be stung in the chest by a wasp that was hiding inside it. He also as a child threw stones at a wasp nest with his childhood buddy Brian, only to be chased by a swarm of angy paper wasps and stung in the chest several times (serves them right!). As an early married couple he had the wonderful idea of making our own surfboard wax, using genuine bees wax... we left our windows open in the house while we melted the wax, and it was amazing how soon our house was full of swarming bees!

Anyway, tonight a giant wasp entered the lounge, and immediately Symon was on alert! With utter bravery (protecting his family his main concern... I wish!) he caused a great spectical, slipping on the floor and nearly breaking a glass and re-dislocating his shoulder... and finally conquering the said wasp by drowing it in flyspray. Thanks darling - you saved the day... you should have a mini flyspray can on your swiss army knife!

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  1. Funnily enough i sprayed lashings of Black Flag around last night. Hundreds of ants decided to venture out and inspect our homemade pizza's...wassup wit dat? Iwas busy wiping up their sorry carcases when our guests arrived...heh heh...good times.

  2. Haha. My hubby is the same! And so is my father and his father. And instead of a simple squirt, it's like a full-on fly spray dance - like rhtymic gymnastics with the ribbons. too funny.

  3. Yip...I got an insect drowing hubby too! But my Dad on the other hand is very thrifty and uses just enough for the chemicals to do their job. He's was always turning off lights, telling us to put more clothes on when we were cold and this ones funny, we were only allowed 3 spoons of muslie on our weetbix. So that must be the type of man who uses fly spray sparingly!

  4. Man I think God put a hint of 'Flyslayer' dust in every man!
    My hubby completely over does it, doesnt matter if the butter hasnt got its lid on, doesnt matter if ive just dished up dinner... to him, every fly that comes inside has come to die....


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