Crochet beanie with ear flaps

By PaisleyJade - Friday, April 09, 2010

While on our amazing few days away I attempted crocheting a new style of beanie.  I had great intentions but it all seemed to turn to custard.

What do you do when something you makes totally flops?  Try to fix it up as best as you can and give it to one of your kids (the poor things have all of my softie flops etc).

Miss 3 is in love with her new hat and I picked up enough courage to try making the hat again (with a few of my own stitches added here and there) and was really happy with the outcome (which is now in the shop here)!!

Have a great weekend everyone... and please pray my husband doesn't get another pet for our current zoo (see his side of the story here)!!! 

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  1. I hope to get so goooOD like yOU, girl!!

    TOo CUTE!

  2. I think your clever
    have good weekend :)

  3. Cute with a capital "C" (Just like her mum)

  4. Lucas gets all my flop amiguris as well! LOL

  5. Anonymous3:11 am

    LOVE IT!!!
    Awesome job and great colours...better than I could do that is for sure!
    You are, as I said before The Crafty Goddess!!!
    Have a great weekend PJ and if you have sometime come on over and enter my giveaway!
    love and light

  6. ooo this is super cute!!!!

  7. Just so happened to stumble here.... LOVE IT!

  8. Anonymous7:24 am

    Your blog is way too cute. Love the pictures. Stunning.

  9. I wish I knew how to do that! Lovely*

  10. it almost makes me want a 6-18 mnth old to put on it....almost. maybe i could buy a really big headed doll?

  11. adorable! i especially love the flower detail. your little model is a cutie pie! happy weekend!

  12. Ellymay5:27 pm

    Love the hat, Miss 3 makes a wonderful model, I often wonder where do you find the time?. You are very clever.

  13. Yup I always reckon it's a good idea to have another go! Good on you for persevering! Mind you 'take one' stills looks gorgeous on your little girl - coz lids are so cute in almost anything!!!!


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