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By PaisleyJade - Monday, April 12, 2010

The other day my lovely Nana asked my husband to euthanase her dear pet bird that was dying (see here).

I cringed as she gave him the birdcage (as a thank you gift) as I  knew this would not help his severe addiction to owning pets (or as I have referred to it in the past - his Zoo).

Alas, the free birdcage has turned my world upside down... after discovering that the humble budgie wasn't as cheap as he remembered, he somehow (though friends with contacts) managed to find himself a young hand reared Parrot (Indian Ringneck) for not much more.  How could someone pass up such a good deal - but of course it would need a much bigger cage than a tiny budgie cage.  Arrggghhh!!

To cut a long story short, hubby found himself a perfect cage up north and managed to turn the trip to collect it into a fun filled family bonding day that ended with the collection of  our new addition to the family, "Grover".

He also somehow managed to weave in a visit to Ruapekapeka pā, that of course had a canon and other 'guy/war' type things like tunnels etc. (like I mentioned here).  I have to admit, it was rather amazing and we had some much needed family bonding time.

The kids had fun... we also fed wild chickens, scoured out cool shops and checked out Rainbow Falls.

All thanks to my Nana and her thoughtful gift of a bird cage ;) 

Pics of Grover to come tomorrow! 

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  1. Awesome awesome pics!!! bummer about the extra mouth to feed and mess to clean after ;p

  2. Such a beautiful family!

  3. Wow, how fun! I love the pics, especially the first of the whole family.

    BTW, I am loving your mustache obsession!

  4. your family pics are gorgeous!!
    love family bonding times.

  5. such a gorgeous landscape surrounds your family in the pics! wow! cheers to family bonding and to your newest additon!

  6. You have such a gorgeous family, I love all your family outing photos - it reminds me of all the good family times I had when I was little! So refreshing to see a family who gets out and does things together, not just tv drones!

    Hope the new addition is settling in well to the zoo! hehe

  7. Family time is the best of times

  8. Anonymous6:24 am

    Cute photos! and by the way the molds you got in the earlier fun. I love them.

  9. Anonymous8:49 am

    well were to start
    loven' the pic of your mister in the tunnel...sometimes I think you actually have 5 children!!! hehehe
    and I agree with Nikki's comment about nice to see a family getting out doing things together...I know that it doesn't always come with it's bumps but those bumps can be so worth it in the end...and even if not, you can always salvage something out of an outing...
    great pictures JP!!!!

    oh yeah, sorry about the bird...I hear they can be a bit noisy and messy....I am sure it will make for funny blog fodder though ; )

  10. wow that field looks amazing with the rolling hills, oh how I would looooove to have my camera there!

  11. Is Mayah's hair going brown?? lol

  12. u guys would be the funnest parents

  13. Ha ha! Amazing how one things leads to another - what a lovely family adventure. Can't wait to see Grover.... not sure if I could do pet birds!!!!! Good on you for being so accommodating :-)

  14. Family time is great! Looks like you guys had some fun! :)

  15. Fun! Looks like you had a fantastic time! And how lucky to have a husband that loves animals. Mine doesn't - although I have told him we are owning a dog one day wether he likes it or not!

  16. your family bonding day does look like fun

    I particularly like your first and third photos :)

  17. You have the best family ever! You all are adorable!


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